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July 16, 2006


hunter walk

cory - check out Inrix who is doing what you propose by gathering GPS info from commercial fleets buts licensing the data as a service.


Cory Ondrejka

Cool! Of course, cars and busses go to different places. People who rent from Hertz would tend to go where people who rent from Hertz go, right?








If enough people start using this (or similar) scripts, they could generate some really interesting metadata about traffic flow in SL. This version isn't anonymized, of course, but someone could easily modify this to simply aggregate the data.

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is that SL is a great place to test the algorithms and security you'd use without having to deal with the problems that come with real-world implementations. My 15 minute del.icio.us mashup is halfway there already. Plus, once you had the real-world data, you could use a SL mirror-world space to visualize, market, and sell the data.


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I do agree with you.


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