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June 04, 2006



I readily admit the "failure of the imagination" comment is a bit unfair, akin to insisting that version 1.0 be 2.0 or that giants sit on their own shoulders. And I'm a relative neophyte to the genre, so I don't actually know the early history of Second Life, how it evolved, the hard work that must have gone into it.

Great to hear you've considered these options along the way. I'm sure Second Life developers operate under real world resource constraints, even if Second Life doesn't need to:-)

Mark Wallace

> you can create nearly all of the desired benefits of the article in Second Life today

Okay, Cory, but not the Klein bottle stuff. You can't make a space where you stick to the surface you're walking on no matter how that surface curves. You can't make gravity stick to a wall or a ceiling, or change it on the fly, as in Prey (which also does cool portal stuff).

That's not a criticism, btw, it's just a semantic correction. There's a fairly large subset of envisioned stuff (larger than the inverse of "nearly all") that you can't actually do in SL. It was no doubt a herculean task for you guys just to create what we've got. Now, in SL 2.0, who's to say...

Cory Ondrejka

Mark, you can do most of the gravity tricks, albeit in a rather painful way via scripts, applying forces, changing animation states, etc. Completely agree that it's kludgy compared to Prey, however.

Cory Ondrejka

Stefan, no worries and I didn't think the comment unfair. Just wanted to supply some additional data. Like I said, I'm jazzed to see someone else considering putting the world onto a saddle.

Andrew Burton, aka Jarod Godel

Yeah, it sucks that del.icio.us switched API protocols like a week after llHTTPRequest went live. :-p

Mark Wallace

> you can do most of the gravity tricks, albeit in a rather painful way

Agreed. I don't want to feel the pain though, hehe.


when did you envision the pornography ;)


"The web is not a communal place so hyperlinking may be a better fit than for Second Life."

If you honestly believe this, I'm at a complete loss for words to file a comment.

Prokofy Neva

t will be interesting to see how travel breaks down between teleporting and actual travel between places.

The clickthough data on the classifieds yields this information: hardly anybody pulls up the map to see the location's situation in the geographical space. The just p2p there like flipping a page. Once there, they get what they came for, and don't look around for the most part, as anyone can tell you who has put a mall down right smack next to a hugely popular club but not gotten any spillover traffic on the neighbouring sim.

Bringing back the map list with all the names, as much of a draw on resources as it is, could help people's imagination and help them remember names and go places. Right now, most people do not tp using the map.

No, they don't. Watch them and see.

Instead, they either take a friend's TP, or tp on an add with the link built in or a FIND search or most often, they type in the sim's name on the list. That delivers them to the 128/128 mark and they could land in a wall, water, whatever.

The irony of it all is that the private island enclaves got to keep their telehubs and force flying over their more interesting builds to force people to shop at shops around their landing points, but this was seized away from mainlanders, and they were left with bad 128/128 landings.

eggy lippmann

Huh, Cory, are you on the same web as I am?
The web was never less of a communal space than SL. There are private places in SL and on the web that are mostly deserted, and places where people congregate. SL is about connecting people. You can also chat and play games on the web :)
As for hyperlinking, we already have it, P2P teleport is basically equivalent to it.


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I agree with so interesting that it is completely possible to create the desired world within SL, despite the underlying topological choice,actually its a good subject to explore.


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At that point we had block-compression working for land transmission, the ability to edge tile simulators, the ability to fly around the world, a spring-membrane water simulation that also crossed region boundaries, and a Jos fluid for the wind.

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