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March 27, 2006


Andrew Burton (aka Jarod Godel)

May I suggest using USB thumbdrives over CD's? Given that there's a new SL client almost weekly, an academic would burn through an awful lot of discs with a SLive Linux distro.

Cory Ondrejka

Thumbdrives would be another option, sure.


Might also suggest creating a VMWare image, if the performance is decent. Means no rebooting and they can take notes in their normal tools alongside the SL experience.


Actually, CD would be better. There are still BIOS'es that don't boot USB keys, and some USB keys aren't showing themselves as HD's (more like hoooooooooooge floppies). Plus, alot of the basic textures can be cached on the CD, speeding up bandwidth (because come on, the library textures are always there).

Worth remastering a Knoppix CD.

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