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March 02, 2006


Nimrod Yaffle

For number 3, you could ask some of the people that attended the Mechnamania (sp?) classes. I went to the first few, though it's not a classroom, it's more of a movie theater.

Blind Wanderer

4 days isn't long to cook up this stuff.

Cory Ondrejka

I know . . . part of the plea for help ;-) Would bounties help?

F. Randall Farmer

Where are your slides? :-)

Cory Ondrejka

Slides are on an object in SL, so if anyone wants them feel free to IM Cory Linden inworld.


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EDIT: Given the late notice, if a L$ payment seems appropriate, please make me an offer. Also, I'll be off the grid Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so I'll be able to look at images Monday AM


The simple grid had the advantage of already being done, was conceptually simple, was easy to stick CAs and height fields on top of, and mapped well onto the real terrain that we thought would make up most of Linden World. Glad to read this, Triactol.

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