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February 08, 2006


Tony Walsh

Hi Cory,
Congrats on the public launch of the uBrowser -- I see there are at least some Linden staffers on this project, but is it an official Linden Lab project? There's no explicit mention of this on the uBrowser site.


Why don't you post a link to this in the SL forums ?
I almost did myself !

Mike Hearn

Why is plugin support a showstopper?

Coadey Fox

If John Gaunt (Accessibility Engineer for Netscape) is already working on plugin interactivity, why would Linden post a bounty for it? :)

Cory Ondrejka

Because John has lots of other duties in addition to helping us, so why not? Plus, if John solves it, I'll happily give him an island!

Hugh Perkins


Not really sure why I'd want my own private island in SecondLife; I think a private island in the Caribbean would be vastly preferable ;-)

Icon Serpentine

Now this ought to be fun. I shall download it tonight and get to work. w00t.

Leif Oppermann

Interesting! I once made a similar thing with interactive surfaces (including Flash) running in an Augmented Reality Environment. Please have a look at http://projekt.medieninformatik.de/argui/03_screenshots.htm
(The email address on that page is outdated).
I also used colour picking back then.



3D browser based on IE.


3D Browser based on IE


Pocket Cortona is the world's first 3D browser for viewing VRML scenes on wireless devices. The product can be used to create a truly effective mobile solution for the rapidly growing mobile device market!



As far as I've seen, it works fine for both XGL and AIGLX (and I mean, Firefox/Mozilla/Epiphany running on any of those). Since they are GPL'd too, why not copying from their code?

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