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October 18, 2004


Tony Walsh

I'm rather shocked you nuked 160 comments, Cory. As a fellow blogger I'm not against editing one's own posts, but sheesh dude, eradicating an entire discussion is kind of weird. It's like you're telling people not to bother commenting here... or not to bother commenting frequently, and honestly.

I should have saved the discussion here as HTML. Now that piece of Second Life history is irrevocably gone. I'll have to point the links on my weblog to the official forum. Assuming the official forum won't require a login to read.

What a waste of my time to have commented in the first place. Or to have posted/linked the discussion in my own blog. So much for trackbacks.

Zax Zadoq

I have to agree with Tony. I made a few rather lengthy comments last night. They are gone now.

And when I go to the forum it still tells everyone to come here to comments.

Seriously Cory, all you had to do was turn off comments for that post leaving both the post with the proposal (which also exists no where now) and the comments as a historical item. Google cache still has some of the old stuff:

Unfortuntely, that was back when it only had 28 posts... so we lost at least 130 posts if not significantly more.

Not cool.

Cereal Milk

Oops. That's what happens when you give your users a voice, Cory. They might *gasp* disagree with you.

Zax Zadoq

Certianly Cory has the right to do what he wants with his blog. But he implied there was a discussion going on in the forums. Except that the forums demand that we come here to discuss this issue.

I guess we just can't discuss it or something?

Oh, sorry, we haven't been given that permission yet. ;)

Strife Onizuka

I was about to post a response at home (at work now) so i should be able to retrieve the status as of 5 hours ago. I think that people would get confused by the old comments (as many comments were the same in the old thread even after Cory had answered them).

Cory Ondrejka

Tony, you're probably right that I should have just frozen the thread but I felt that it was important to respond to folk's desires to move the discussion back into the forums and reduce the confusion of such a long and convoluted thread. Especially one where changes were already being discussed, but could only be discovered if you waded through a zillion posts.

Initial thoughts on a much improved plan are now in the forums here http://forums.secondlife.com/showthread.php?t=25069

Chip Midnight

I justed wanted to say thanks for being so responsive to our feedback, Cory. I agree that the forum is a better place for it, but also love the new blogs. It's nice to get some insights into what you guys are working on and what's in the pipeline. I look forward to reading future postings.


for historical purposes I've pulled and the cache from IE and here is a link to the old blog discussion. It's accurate to about 9:30 AM GMT -5 today.


Tony Walsh

Cory, I understand the reasons for wanting to use the forums exclusively for discussion (it's a better medium for it, for sure), I just think that deleting over a hundred generally on-topic, well-thought blog-comments goes against blog culture. I'm glad there's still something lurking in the Google cache (thanks for searching, Zax + Strife), and I'm glad there's further productive discussion taking place on the official forum. Keep on truckin'!

Zax Zadoq

Thank you _very_ much, Strife. I got to read about 50 posts I hadn't seen because they were nuked.

Cory, what you should do is post your proposals on the blog so other bloggers can link and track back them. But you should post a link to the forum where discussion can take place and then leave comments off on the post. That way, these ideas are open to the public to comment on through their own blogs but discussion is on the forums.

I'm looking forward to the second proposal.



Cory Ondrejka

The problem, Zax, is that people immediately start making suggestions here as well, leading to all the confusion that happened last time.

I think that I'll use the blog for stuff like .plans that don't generate iterative design, and move things into the forums as required. Also, as I said to Tony, in the future I'll lock the comments of things that move (and move them before there are 160 comments). Thanks, Strife, for recovering the history.

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