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April 17, 2005


Morgaine Dinova

If it was that good, you were probably seeing immersion in action. :-)

Immersion is only half of the puzzle though, the other half is interactivity. The most wonderful immersive viewing experience will shatter when interaction with its subject matter is inadequate, either in flexibility or in speed. Instead of enjoying the wonders of a virtual world, we then suddenly realize that we're looking at a lousy monitor and hitting a frustrating keyboard or mouse.

Given immersion and interactivity (a lot of work needed), the future will I think be so amazing that we currently have only a hint of what it might entail.

Morgaine Dinova

Incidentally, the numerous threads on improving interactivity within SL seem to have merged around supporting requests for a client-side XML interface somewhat like WoW's but much more flexible. It would need to be able to message server-side attachments as a fundamental comms requirement, and for interactivity it would need to allow arbitrary dynamic rebinding of all mouse and keyboard controls.

The SL client made a token gesture in the direction of XML'ifying the UI quite a while back, but it seems to be on a back burner at the present time. It'll have to come at some point ... the interactivity is severely limited at the moment, and it doesn't currently suit anything really well except object building.

Prokofy Neva

Did anybody eat the hot dog? Did anybody live in the house? Immersive, shmersive, we bring our RL prides and prejudices trailing in behind us wherever we go in SL. Why did the hotdog have to have mustard, and not tangerines? Why Chicago row houses and not purple treehouses in Ravenglass? Did anybody ask why women still have to be in beauty contests, and still have to be "the girls" LOL?

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