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November 18, 2004


madison gardner

thank you for appreciating our hard work. we all are dedicated to sl and want it to be here forever. i dont want to grow up.

JAdmiral Maelstrom

I spent some time through the Old London sim and Neverland... and I have to tell you-- I WAS IMPRESSED! It really made me feel like a kid again, eager to discover what was around the corner. It was beautiful, creative, and most of all-- FUN!

Lady Belvedere

I am a new resident a refugee from THERE in the short time I have been here it has been amazing. I will never return and look forward to experiencing the different sims. I have property and plan to contie here with more property this is a wonderful place......I truly have a second life here.

Ash Grayson

I thought Neverland was done quite well, in fact one of the most impressive works I've seen in Secondlife.

Morgaine Dinova

I must have been under a rock or something, as I've only just read this blog entry about NeverLand. I'll go and check it out as soon as I can log in.

The posts above did bring something else to mind though, because they're unanimous that NeverLand is great fun.

This made me remember DarkLife, which is nice and charming in many respects, but absolutely awful in one major one: long tedious XP grinding is not fun, ever. In fact, DL has some of the worst XP grinding of any MMOG, even at a mere level 10 it's appalling bad and the XP requirement per level just gets worse as you rise in level. Bad bad bad. In fact, dreadfully awful, and it ruins all the hard effort that people put into the world.

So where am I going with this? Well, only to warn designers that to try to achieve longevity in game worlds by making activities long and tedious is a fundamental mistake, if you want your world to be appreciated rather than dreaded.


Is Neverland and Old London sim Gone?

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