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May 28, 2006



Some of the design decisions in the template file baffle me. For example, the order of the commands in the file is extremely important since their position in the template corresponds to an id number embedded in to the final packet. If a new command is added near the beginning of the template the id numbers for every command after it changes. This is in stark contrast to the block and field ordering, which have a mysteriously pre-defined order, but are completely unordered in the template file. Not only does a separate template of keyword ordering need to be kept, but every block and field array need to be sorted during the template file loading.

Near the bottom of http://labs.highenergychemistry.com/slprotocol/ there is a list of the 22 missing keywords from the keywords.txt file in libsecondlife (http://gna.org/projects/libsecondlife/).

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