Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Got an SL game you want to show off? Come to Arcadia!

Temporarily scrunching my game designer hat on top of my embedded journalist beanie, I recently helped Linden Lab architect this year's game developer contest, The Arcadia Game Expo. It's a lot more streamlined and grass roots than the last two contests (2005's competition featured here, 2004's, here), with no veteran game developers like Harvey Smith or Doug Church to judge it. (As cool as it was to have two guys I admire hugely come in to do that.) Instead, the idea this year was to create a format where the competitors develop their games with Residents first and foremost in mind-- games that are so addictive, fun, and easy to learn, they'd pay L$ on the barrel to play them. Which is why this year's contest boils down to ruthless efficiency of the market: the developers who make the most Linden Dollars, win.

Anyway, enough blather: go here to read the details, and nominate games for the Expo (including your own.)

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