Monday, February 06, 2006


Creating your own private view of the world-- background here.

Hank Ramos' PTP Teleporter v.1.5.3 supplants the standard Find directory in SL for a server-driven search directory of things to buy and places to visit.

The HUD Calculator by Cortex Designs and SunenRec Ayoob insures that you'll never have to launch another utility to do the math (like, when figuring out L$ to U$ conversions).

The Lighting Controller HUD
by SL musician Kaclick Martin was created for use in his Macjams Virtual Garage in Burnet (224, 167), allowing performers to set the mood by adjusting illumination levels and colors in the lights above the stage.

The Stowe Texture Master HUD by Stowe Elytis displays onscreen a highly customizable menu of textures in your inventory. Rather than scrolling and clicking through a mountain of textures as you normally would, Eltyis' HUD provides a handy, open toolchest.

The Greeting Card HUD of Osprey Therian displays an animated message that only the wearer of the heads-up display can see.

Included as a public service, the S.L.E.U.T.H. of Mick Linden is a Second Life tutorial HUD, just the thing for newbies to wear-- once installed, they're given a step-by-setp on the basics of interacting, from moving their avatar and camera view, and beyond. Ask Mick for it by name, and bestow it on the noob in your life!

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