Friday, January 27, 2006


With so much interest in Lawrence Lessig's event and so much passion to continue discussing and promoting his ideas in Second Life, the Free Culture group (primarily created to reserve seating for his in-world appearance) has been repurposed into an ongoing affiliation, with plans for more events and fundraiser parties that will raise Linden Dollars, which will in turn be converted into US$ donations to the Creative Commons non-profit. Organized by Free Culture member Dagny Hemingway, the first one's tomorrow afternoon (Second Life Time), a Scottish-tinged celebration atop a giant tree. Kilts, toasts, virtual haggis in an elven village-- what's not to love? Info here.

I'm also helping plan future events with the folks of Free Culture, at meetings next Wednesday and the Saturday after next. Meetings and membership are open to all. Join the group, and bring your ideas and zest for free culture and Free Culture.

Of course, this isn't in the only Lessig-oriented activity to emerge in his wake-- there's also Zarf Vantongerloo's Creative Commons license-maker for Second Life creations, and Zenigma Suntzu's vote drive to convince Linden Lab to include CC and public domain licensing directly into the permissions system of the system itself-- his proposition for doing that here.

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