Monday, January 16, 2006


If you've just come here through Der Spiegel's profile of Anshe Chung, welcome. Ms. Chung has made several appearances on this blog, including this story on a Chinese "virtual sweatshop worker", and the focus of this story on her purchase of an artist's commune which she converted into a vacation resort for the French-- which in turn began with this story on what the artists were building when she came. She appears in person, so to speak, in this story written after the first real world Second Life convention.

The New World Notes article she refers to at her e-commerce site-- "What happens when Linden Lab invites a journalist from a real-life architure magazine to Second Life? Of course he picks most of his architectural highlights on our Dreamland continent!"-- is taken from an extended tour of Second Life with virtual architecture critic Chip Poutine, whose comments on a Dreamland home are here.

Other highlight articles are along the left column of this site-- or check "The Best of New World Notes 2005" for a handy compendium.

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