Monday, January 16, 2006


When Arin Enfield glanced at the sun this morning he squinted and did a double take, because it looked like there was man with a dream staring down from it.

"Thought my mind was playing tricks on me," he admits laughing. "Gotta watch out for those subliminal suggestions." I flew toward the sun to see for myself, and confirm that it wasn't subliminal, nor a trick of the brain.

"I thought it was a very cool gesture," Enfield tells me. "I know politics is touchy [subject] in here, but hey, it is a national holiday in [the] United States." And since I happen to be in the Linden Lab office today, I could walk down the hall, asking who put Martin Luther King Jr. in the sun, but I suppose that'd be missing the point. I guess the idea is to always have him on your periphery today, and if you do notice him there, take some time to contemplate why he is.

Then again, I checked the Events for the day, and while there were dozens, advertising casino games and clothing-optional hot body contests, and so on, I didn't find any related to the holiday. Quite a change from a couple years back, when the world, far smaller than it is today, still held a memorial in his honor-- and a well-attended one at that.

And the fact that there aren't any announced now, least that I can see-- well, that's worth thinking about, too.

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Getting together to talk about Martin Luther King Jr. would be great, but when you have more than 10 people around you and your FPS drags at about .8 then it's just time to leave.

Posted by: Maxwolf at Jan 20, 2006 12:01:22 PM