Tuesday, January 31, 2006


While this SL blog still remains mired in the old school medium of text and pictures (NWN podcasts coming soon I promise), we're seeing Residents blogging in other formats. Master builder Maxx Monde has been producing an audio blog for the last few months. Mixed to a downtempo groove, it feature his chatty personal tour of favorite spots in Second Life (you could play them while in-world, checking out the sites as he describes them), recent news, and (announced with appropriate echo effects) the latest "Forum Drama". Mr. Monde has the smooth FM radio patter down, so here's hoping we hear more of them.

Going the full AV route, Aren Mandala recently launched a video blog featuring short, nicely edited snippets of SL life. One of the latest videos features a pair of nude green people with no discernible sex organs and their heads in giant caviar boxes dancing to Euro electronica-- so, you know, day-in-the-Second Life stuff. I'm guessing we'll see more videoblogs like this soon (in fact, there's rumors of one or two already in production.)

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Are these bloggers showing off their vidcasts and podcasts in SL too?

Posted by: Piers Fawkes at Feb 1, 2006 6:39:50 AM

He sez so:


Posted by: Hamlet Linden at Feb 1, 2006 1:50:33 PM