Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Pierce Portocarrero is using Second Life machinima as a tool to create a feature-length documentary; now the irrepressible Aimee Weber has used SL machinima to create an educational film-- specifically, a pretty extraordinary virtual planetarium tour of the solar system, created entirely within Second Life. It's being hosted on the Alt Zoom site of BuhBuhCuh Fairchild, who may end up becoming the Robert Redford of SL Machinima, what with the loopy Ed Wood Film Festival he just sponsored, and the Take 5 festival coming up.

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I'm fond of the term SLinema myself as it specifically pertains to Second Life, but thaaaat's just (hopefully not just, actually) moi.

I've been primed by some of the entrants to the next Alt-Zoom filmfest. Should be tasty schtuff.

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