Friday, October 21, 2005


Frapper (i.e. "friend mapper") is a cool little web app in Beta using Google Maps to create a global topography of a given social group or affiliation. (Pittsburgh Steeler fans, Battlestar Galactica watchers, and so on.) Inspired by the success of SLCC 2005, and a desire to have more physical get-togethers of Residents, Satchmo Prototype recently created a Second Life Frapper group.

And so the real world map of Second Life begins to emerge.

Still in its infancy, the Frapper's SL geography is dominated by North Americans for now, but that's been slowly changing over the week. I hope my Resident readers consider putting themselves on the map-- if they're OK with roughly revealing their real world location, that is-- to help create a broader and truer representation of the in-world polity. (Of course, my secret desire here is to compare the Second Life map with Thomas P.M. Barnett's map of the world, next Wednesday.)

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