Monday, October 03, 2005


Just in time for the State of Play conference in New York City (where I'll be appearing on a couple panels), most of this week's New World Notes will be devoted to the growing emergence of Resident-run law and law-like institutions in Second Life. (As opposed to Linden Lab-enforcement of Terms of Service and Community Standard regulations, which resemble law, but in terms of how evidence is gathered and punishments are meted out-- omnisciently, ominpotently-- are less like a court of law than a Mount Olympus tribunal.)

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As it is and very well should be.

We have to remember that SL isn't a world apart from ours, but exists within it. Efforts to bring in real-world law regarding say, business, makes sense. Where the tricky parts worth discussing lay are in internationalization.

Interesting article, Hamlet -- though I'd try and stay away from any sort of, "Bill or Rights" or "Virtual Constitution" nonsense. Though it's just my opinion at this point until the idea is more widely accepted -- such 'governing' documents are literally the ToS and CS agreements we all have with LL.

SL isn't a country. It's a virtual world. 'Virtual' being the important word.

Posted by: Icon Serpentine at Oct 4, 2005 10:15:52 AM