Thursday, October 13, 2005


If it wasn't for the games he helped create over the years, it's very likely I wouldn't be writing this. Beginning with "Ultima Underworld" and culminating in "Thief: The Dark Project", the titles that Doug Church had a major hand in convinced me that games were on the cusp of becoming a new art form-- and something I should devote my creative energies to. (Leading me, willy nilly, to this online world that's sort of a game, but also not.) So it was tremendously gratifying that I got to help bring Doug in to judge the Second Life Game Developers Contest a few months ago, and hopefully, for the folks he judged (including the grand prize winner "Primmies", sort of a crazy multiplayer 3D Lemmings, depicted here).

Anyway, the folks at Linden Lab finally posted Doug's official write-up of the games here. Fascinating how such a seasoned developer analyzes SL as a game platform. (And maybe with Doug's accolades and the right marketing and promotion, one or two of the games in there could be the next Tringo.)

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That's a great shot of Primmies. Local Lighting on? There's such a glow. But what ARE you looking at? :)

Posted by: Torley Torgeson/Torley Wong at Oct 13, 2005 11:18:40 PM

Doug's comments were awesome. I'm actually using his RCR suggestions in a new game my consulting team has been hired to design/script and build.

Posted by: Satchmo Prototype at Oct 14, 2005 7:55:15 AM

Hey, they look like that with local lighting on? That's pretty freakin' cool!

I can answer that, Torley. When I built the little guys, I set an invisible prim on them as "light" so you could see them from far distances (as it affects the max range the client picks them up).

It seems to have the unintended effect of lighting up the ground around them. I was... "afraid of that," but it actually makes it look BETTER!

So... heh. Alan and I were very pleased with Doug's comments as well. Much more of this, and you'll be able to see my ego all the way from California! =P

Posted by: Jeffrey Gomez at Oct 17, 2005 12:39:51 AM