Thursday, September 22, 2005


Ask Residents to create a trailer that captures the essential Second Life experience and you wind up with: a catapult-wielding rabbit; a kitten shot from a cannon; a snowman built by a cowboy and his gremlin friend; a brunette in thigh-high boots dancing in the jet spray of a fifty foot water faucet; two brides with two guns, jumping out a chopper in their wedding dresses.

So, you know, pretty much what we expected. They're entries in the Second Life Trailer Contest, and though I helped Linden Lab put the contest together in a non-New World Notes, promotional capacity, each of them provides the kind of cultural sketch I try to write in this blog. (Some may think they do a better job at that, too.)

Here, have a Quicktime-enabled look for yourself:

- Trailer by Elle Pollack
- Trailer by Javier Puff and team
- "Diversity" by SecondTake Productions
- Trailer by SuluMor Romulus
- Trailer by Windswept Productions

Winners are selected by popular Resident vote-- go to Supernova to see the movies in-world, and then vote for two of them at the machine provided (at Supernova 225, 125) by October 8th.

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