Thursday, September 08, 2005


Following in the footsteps of Bob Geldof and the Second life musicians who paved the way, a multi-performer, multi-genre live music blow-out launches this Sunday-- turning another day of national mourning into a time to heal. The details:

VIRTUAL AID - Hurricane Katrina Benefit Concert
Heard of Live 8? Remember Live Aid? This coming Sunday, September 11, from 2-9pm Second Life Time/PST, come to VIRTUAL AID--a multi-performer SL BENEFIT CONCERT EVENT taking place to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina victims. Safe and secure ways to donate either Linden Dollars or real world money will be available throughout all performances. Come to DRAGON MOON SIM this Sunday to support the cause and enjoy stage performances, complete with concert set, by well-known SL entertainers.

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Hamlet, thank you for cutting and pasting our Virtual Aid event description to your blog. HOWEVER, we're perplexed why the link to Frogg Marlowe, who was invited also to perform at the VIRTUAL AID benefit, but has not agreed to do so (nothing negative implied here to Frogg or talent, just that they did not sign on for this). Our scheduled performers WILL be: Astrin Few, Flaming Moe, Jamba Pinkney, Opus Bridge, Singer Tyne w/CDSpinner Tyne, U2 in SL and Wayfinder Wishbringer. I'm happy for the opportunity to clarify. Perhaps you could find a link to a past article from one of our featured performers? That would be AWESOME!

Posted by: DarkDharma Daguerre at Sep 8, 2005 2:20:47 PM

Actually, there's two links to the NWN stories about live SL musicians who "paved the way", in the sense of showing such performances are technically and popularly viable-- and the first one goes to Astrin and Moe, who'll be at Virtual Aid.

Posted by: Hamlet Linden at Sep 8, 2005 3:30:32 PM