Wednesday, September 07, 2005


It's a milestone in an online world's size and maturity when enough of its subscribers invest enough time, resources, and money into the somewhat paradoxical proposition of meeting each other in person for a real life convention. (And even then, they usually seem to take place in a hotel ballroom near an airport somewhere; copious tights and capes are also involved. Nothing bad there, just saying is all.)

The first such convention for Second Life's users, by contrast, will be in downtown Manhattan near Tribeca, in the stately main hall of New York Law School (also the site of the State of Play convention, where numerous Linden Lab staff including myself will be speaking, winding down the same day SLCC begins), and a kickoff party at a Greenwich Village bar. Being Second Life, a virtual recreation of the NYLS campus building is under construction in Nomine, too, so Residents who can't make it to New York can catch SLCC events via simulcast.

I'll also be speaking at SLCC, so I better decline to boost it anymore, other than to say I hope it's as grand as its competent organizers envision. Fortunately, one of them just slipped me the full details, and can better explain.

So take it away, Jennyfur Peregrine:

The first ever Second Life Community Convention will happen this October 8-9 at New York Law School and we need Second Lifers to spread the word, rally the troops, and register now! The convention will be co-located with the State of Play conference on law and virtual worlds so it's possible to attend both events back-to-back for pretty much the coolest weekend of serious virtual worlds stuff ever.

The SLCC kicks off as SoP ends on the evening of Saturday, October 8th with a welcoming reception and open bar at Off the Wagon in Manhattan's Greenwhich Village. The following day is packed with presentations and open space "SL Jam Sessions" where you'll meet face-to-face with SL residents, entrepreneurs, scholars of cyberspace, and Lindens to share experiences, network on projects, and discuss and create the future of the Second Life platform. Philip Rosedale/Linden will deliver the Keynote address.

A dedicated team of volunteers is putting this whole thing together as a labor of love so admission is set as low as possible at $95, including both the reception party and convention ($75 for just the convention). Hit the registration page for more info on what's included, and hopefully to sign-up and join us!

If you're serious about Second Life and the emerging 3D Web (you know, that oncoming thing we're dubbing the Metaverse), please come and add your energy, ideas and perspective on where the whole operation is and should be going. IM FlipperPA Peregrine, Hiro Pendragon, or SNOOPYbrown Zamboni in SL with any questions, including inquiries about resident sponsorships of the event.

Please join us on Thursday, September 8th from 6pm-9pm pacific time at Club Belle Feu (Olive 226,214) for the official Second Life Community Convention Kick-Off Party and Charity Raffle to raise money for victims of Hurricane Katrina. The raffle tickets are L$250 each. Prizes include two passes to the SL Community Convention, Complimentary Sponsorships for the In-world Convention, Gifts from some of the most prominent content creators in Second Life and more! All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.

Contact Jennyfur Peregrine for more information.

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