Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Another glimpse of Burning Life 2005-- context here.

Though credited to a very appropriately-named Bourbon Montagne, the pirate ship that floated in the sky in a corner of Burning Life was the project of several creators, and was in fact a classic adventure game in miniature, with quests to solve and a plot to unravel. Team leader Keith Extraordinaire explains its origin:

"When I had applied for the [Burning Life] plot I had in mind doing a huge tropical garden, a garden of Eden kind of rebirth thing. When I got the plot I sent the call out to my friends asking if they wanted to take part and it all snowballed from there.

"I talked to CrystalShard Foo about helping, but when I found she lost her bid for a plot I asked her what she was planning, and it was an easy choice to combine the two ideas.

"There's a mailbox at the beginning of the journey. For some it will just look odd there, but for a few they will get it immediately... as they remember the beginning of the classic old PC text cave adventure game Zork. The whole adventure game idea was to do a homage to Zork...

"The quest is a simple one, seek the three keys and unlock a treasure beyond your imagination. And in the seeking you get to explore the whole build..."

"So now I had plans for a huge tropical garden with a cave adventure. My fellow texture fiend Baron Grayson and I have mused for so long about doing a garden together... so when this came up it was the perfect excuse to drop everything and play. That's when he mentioned the new Relic pirate ship that was just getting off the drafting board and I was instantly sold! It then became the pirate cave adventure. So, Bourbon Montagne got to work and built the ship in record speed.

"I asked my friend Sky Everett to the team... It wasn't a minute after the IM to ask that she was on the empty lot picking textures and yelling, 'Let's get building!' She added all those little touches that are so Sky. The quiet areas that beckon one to linger were hers...

"We had to put the ship in the air due to space constraints, [so] how do we explain that one? Enter our resident bard, Sereine Bard. She took the random things we were all doing and wove a tale of mystery, magic, and love to explain it all, and give the area a sense of real history. It is the one part of the build that really puts it over the expected fare and makes it so much more than just a game.

"What happens to it now?" Keith says coyly, when asked where the pirate adventure will go, once Burning Life is over.

"Well," he says, "I have a sim, Sky has a sim, Baron has a sim... what would you do?"

Created by Keith Extraordinaire, CrystalShard Foo, Sereine Bard, Sky Everett, Baron Grayson, and Bourbon Montagne.

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I tried this a while ago, but I couldn't find the third key. Where is it? And what's the treasure?!

Posted by: Cashmore at Sep 21, 2005 10:45:37 AM


Thanks for playing. The three keys and their locations were:

Iron: In the caves, in a crate, near the playful kitten and the magic circle.

Silver: On board ship, in the chest at the foot of the bed in the Captain's Quarters.

Gold: Again, in the caves, but the only way in was, in the manner of Alice, down a hole. This hole was the whirlpool in the bog.

We were told that the Silver was the hardest to find. It required using your camera angle to peer into the chest.

As for the prize, our amazing leader, Keith Extraordinaire created a Pirate Snowgold using backdrops and elements from the adventure. One of the most curious things about it is that the gold coin you see in did NOT make it in as a one of the objects you could actually touch. As far as I know only the 5 team members have the loose verisons of them which is unfortunate, they were brilliantly done.

(To see a picture of one, check out Snapzilla under Sereine Bard's pictures.)

Posted by: Sereine_Bard at Sep 21, 2005 12:38:56 PM

This is a real treat... I lurve the tip of the hat (or wag of the hook) to classic olde adventure games. Sounds like the team has something epic coming up... what IS the name of the team, anyhoo?

It's kinda funny because I remember talking with CS about lag limitations in SL on that whole U:SL thing. Since adventure games of this nature don't require that sort of fast timing, you can enjoy it in a leisurely way.

So happy to see this sort of path explored!

HEY who else has seen the stump that says SIT ON MY FACE? ;)

Posted by: Torley at Sep 21, 2005 5:02:32 PM

I did this tour twice, once by chance and once with some friends I just HAD to show this fantastic part of Burning Life. The adventure was fun, the build was incredible, and the story so haunting...

And of course I also had to IM the builder (and rate him) and the author (and rate her). I am DELIGHTED this will not vanish permanently!

Torley is right (as usual): this opens the door for MANY fantastic "treasure hunt" type games in SL. I really look forward to that happening.

To quote one of my friends: "I would PAY to do this adventure!"

Posted by: Kim Dingo at Sep 22, 2005 4:21:46 AM

Reminder: Numbakulla sim is still in existance. It's a much larger variant on the genre mentioned here (walkabout adventure), and will stay up as long as we have people helping to donate (Hint ;).

I am, unfortunately, not as available on SL as I'd like atm (family / medical reasons), but please do stop by if you're not seen it yet.

Numbakulla Island Sponsor

Posted by: Alan_Kiesler at Sep 28, 2005 3:15:20 AM

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