Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Another glimpse of Burning Life 2005-- context here.

In the best of traditions, Seifert didn't really apply for his plot in Burning Life. Rather, he found an open, unclaimed spot, and comandeered it.

"As in, nobody was doing anything with it, so people went and did things anyway," he explains. "This being Burning Life, that seems appropriate." He set it up as a collective building project which anyone could-- by enabling modify rights to their contributions-- add or subtract to it. A 3D wiki, as it were.

"I just wanted to see what people would do," says Seifert. So someone comes along and builds a green-jade, Saturn-like planet, and someone else happens by and adds eyeballs to the planet. So now it's a planet with eyes. Mr. Surface builds two rockets, and by now, "it seemed reasonable to have the rockets pointing at the eyes. So now it looks a bit worried... Then someone else turned one of the rockets around, and added speech bubbles... people riffing off other people's ideas is I think the best thing to come out of this."

By the time I came by last Sunday to have a look, Seifert estimates 10 to 20 Residents have added their effort to the Prim Wiki. (He originally dubbed it the "Wiki Build", but others came to calling it the Prim Wiki. Not the name Seifert Surface had in mind, but "[i]t's a wiki though, so in that spirit, even the name is fluid.")

So far Surface is pleased with the results, though he'd like to see Linden Lab tweak the permission system so things like this could happen more often even after Burning Life. "I'd really like to see something implemented," he says, "say a way to assign a parcel of land to be 'wiki', which would mean that anyone has full permission to edit anything on that parcel. Who knows what kind of things we would see?"

Inspecting the progress thus far, Seifert Suface laughs. "I just noticed - someone added some fire ants crawling over the poptarts!" Behind him, I point out that someone has also built an impromptu 9/11 memorial next to a spinning portrait of Chairman Mao. I say this seems like an odd place for a 9/11 shrine, but Surface just shrugs.

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Actually, Hamlet, Seifert has a legit plot too, which your post skips over; the wiki plot was an *additional* thing.

Posted by: Aliasi Stonebender at Sep 13, 2005 9:02:01 PM

You mean his teleport-by-cannon system?

Posted by: Hamlet Linden at Sep 14, 2005 1:35:27 AM

I think Aliasi is referring to Fractals @ Burning Life 1 (25, 161).

Posted by: Torley Wong/Torley Torgeson at Sep 14, 2005 2:46:12 AM

Totally so. (I also have a small build there, so if you check it out, look on the ground. It looks like random prim-garbage at first. Then you sit down.)

Posted by: Aliasi Stonebender at Sep 14, 2005 3:27:54 PM

Why did I build an "impromptu 9/11 memorial" there?

A: Because it was September 11th and where else could I build one?

I am a 'landless peasant'.

Posted by: Nolligan Nino at Sep 22, 2005 9:02:41 AM

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