Tuesday, September 13, 2005


The Second Life benefit drive for the victims of Katrina thus far. Background here and here...

As of 6:33AM SLT today, Pathfinder Linden and FlipperPA Peregrine's L$-to-US$ donation program for the American Red Cross has amassed L$1,020,163. Or at current conversion rates as measured on the open market, about $3468.00. "I'm going to be selling off the first chunk today and making the donation," Peregine announces to me, grinning.

Of course, this is just one in-world fundraising drive, not counting, for example, tonight's bidding war to date a Linden zombie, among other hot auctions. Katt Kongo and Maureen McLean's Charity Auction and Ball packed them in at L$250 donation per head, with dancing and a live DJ for those who could get in. (And the crowd-induced lag got so intense, I finally gave up trying to do anything but sit quietly by a wall smoking and munching roast beef, waiting my turn at the auction bloc.)

When all was collected from the cover charge and the auctions, Katt Kongo found her Red Cross kitty had grown to a stunning $711,684.00. (US$ value, open market: about $2417.00) The auction to date Bub Linden, Linden Lab's beloved zombie artist and web developer, attracted the lion's share of that-- the pleasure of his ghostly white hand on the town went for over a staggering L$250,000. (The undead don't come cheap.)

This is all collected in one night-- rather, in two hours.

So at minimum, the Second Life Katrina relief tally now stands well over $6000, not counting the numerous scattered benefits that raised hundreds of dollars on their own, or the direct benefits for Katrina-ravaged Residents like Samuel Frost, Vampira Caldera, and Waves Lightcloud (more on him soon.)

That's the good news. The even better news is, this is only the beginning.

Update, September 14, 2005 1:32pm SLT: Katt Kongo IMs me to post the final tally for last night's event: "(After some additional donations)... L$825,000L." That's about $2887.00 - HL

Update, September 15, 2005 4:11 pm SLT: Katt Kongo IMs me a still more final tally: "Apparently," she writes, "someone was late in paying the amount they bid... the new total is L$885,000." About $3097.00 - HL

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