Friday, August 19, 2005


In the last month or so, Linden Lab has been working to foster more Second Life presence in Asia, where MMOs are vastly more popular than in the US and EU. So far those efforts have turned up at least four Japanese language fansites, including two wikis (here and here) and two blogs, one from a Resident named Rita Cinquetti, the other evocatively titled "Fake Image". The last one is screenshot-heavy, so even non-kanji readers will enjoy the author's beautifully composed SL images. In them, the heroine "Luna" visits a clothing-optional beach (as in manga and anime, any nudity is coyly pixelated), rides a cable car, visits a sauna, and chats with a man who offers her these romantic words:

You are very beautiful. For you, I will put pants on.

Go here, 親愛なる読者, to see more. (And thanks to David, Makiko, Yuko, and Gene Linden for sharing their cyber travels to the Far East.)

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