Monday, August 29, 2005


Burning Life returns for a third time to SL-- and some come already well-prepared

I think 2005 must mark the 8th year running when more than half a dozen friends say, "I'm going to Burning Man. Are you going to Burning Man?", and I say, "Yeah maybe, if...", and after a few half-hearted attempts at logistical planning, blow it off for the next year, in the run-up to which my fallback reply becomes, "But hasn't it gotten too big and mainstream to be any good anymore, anyway?", the retort always being, "No way, last year was the best ever!", forcing me to then say, "Yeah maybe, if...", and after a few half-hearted attempts at logistical planning...

Anyway. In the third run-up to Burning Life, Linden Lab's annual tribute to the legendary Black Rock event (BL '03 featured here, BL '04 here), I'm starting to detect some real cultural parity between the two events. Burning Man has become such a tradition, such a defining part of global bohemian life, that many people will spend the whole year planning for it. I know of folks whose San Francisco garages have been converted into veritable Burning Man labratories, where they'll tinker away at whatever wild project they're set to unveil in the Nevada desert, for the good part of the year. Pretty much planning much of their lives around the Labor Day weekend out there, and this chance to create for no other purpose than the joy of creating, and sharing it with others.

Which may also explain how some Residents can erect intricate and ornate Burning Life installations in a couple days after the site is opened. Vudu Suavage's delicately imposing Cthulu-like sculpture, Jillian Callahan's massive power generator, Foolish Frost's mechancial rose with petals that open and close, and at the center of the flower, a control panel that streams old music videos at the touch of a button-- I took these screenshots last Friday, only two days after the land was opened up for construction. (And by then, the Burning Life "man" was already dwarfed by most of the installations.) You'd almost think people were planning much of their second lives around the Labor Day weekend and this chance to create for no other purpose than the joy of creating, and sharing it with others.

The Man burns on September 5, and the whole site is reclaimed on the 12th has been extended to the 19th. Details for Residents here.

Burning Life extension added 9/13 - HL

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Well Vudu is *always* making Cithulu stuff (his Avater is in the current Expo), and Foolish Frost's rose may have had additional purposes (I saw it working on Tehema before it went up in Burning Life and there was some trailer-contest filming going on in it.)

Oh, when the rose closes, it also turns the land music stream on and off. :)

Posted by: Elle Pollack at Aug 30, 2005 11:20:59 PM