Wednesday, August 31, 2005


It would figure, wouldn't it, that when I opened an Expo to showcase the wonderful and strange in non-human avatars, a lot of the visitors would be just as marvelous as the exhibits they came to see. It would also figure, wouldn't it, that by now, the world has grown so large and diffuse, that even after announcing the Expo on the official Second Life Forums several times, and posting blog entries on it at least a couple, this would be the first time a lot of them had ever heard of it. Not the death head battle bot or the chrome commando in powered armor, not the giant pill beetle (tucked, untucked), not even Fennix Eldritch, the Resident who'd created a picture-perfect tribute to the little Prince from Katamari Damacy. First time they'd heard about the Extraordinary Avatar Expo was when they saw the Expo opening announcement pop up on their screen. All this time, they'd just been working in relative obscurity on all these ornate and finely detailed bizarre creatures of theirs, all the while not knowing someone was out there trying to do everything possible to publicize exactly the kind of creations they were putting so much work into.

It would also figure, wouldn't it, that Fennix Eldritch had also created a tribute to the sticky ball "Katamari" of the beloved Japanese videogame. It would further figure, wouldn't it, that the reporter and a blue man and a red battle 'bot and several hapless pedestrians would for no particular reason other than it seemed like a good idea end up attached to the ball, rolled into a nearby stream, then bounced upward several hundred feet, a clump of metallic and fleshy weirdness shot through the stratosphere, then plummet headlong into the displays of furries and robots and dragons and tiny woodland creatures and bag ladies below.

Anyway, the runway show for the Expo is today at 7pm Second Life Time-- details here. See you by the catwalk!

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Hamlet! What, please, if you recall, is the name of that pill bug avatar? *applauds, thoroughly delighted*

(Although, erm, to be picky, I should mention that such a creature isn't among the coleoptera (beetles) nor even included among the insects, but is more properly designated as an Isopod – closely related to the millipedes (of which I have a pair of giant ones, IRL, as pets) and centipedes.)

This is such a great idea, this Expo! Gonna put all those **TEH seXXXiest AVVIE!!!** contests out of business for a couple hours, though, aren't you? Tsk. This is just more unfair competition from the Evil, Repressive Lindens, that's what it is, isn't it? Yessir: cut and dried. No bones about it. Oh, the humanity! ;)

Posted by: Memory Harker at Aug 31, 2005 11:20:02 AM

Not sure I got the name of the pill bug maker. Think it's one of the folks I cited in their other AV forms, but I'm not positive.

Posted by: Hamlet Linden at Aug 31, 2005 6:38:38 PM

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