Tuesday, August 23, 2005


The latest addition to the unlikeliest of subgenres, Chrestomanci Bard and Moriash Moreau's "Plywood" is a webcomic set in SL, nicely capturing the subculture of an online world in pictorials that are some sometimes fanciful and sometimes true-to-life (true to Second Life, at least.) It tells the ongoing story of one new user's encounter with a rampaging mob of teddy bears, and the veterans who try to wean him off his noobish ways. Encounters with asexual clowns, away-from-keyboard hijinks, and someone tactfully described as a "fuming slut" are also documented. Thrill as well to the ongoing adventures of Gender Man, in his vain quest to ferret out the real life sexual identity behind the avatars he meets. (This series may be the first webcomic to come with a company terms-of-service notification in the fine print, warning readers that it's actually against Linden Lab TOS to reveal aspects of other Residents' real life identity.) My own personal favorite is sort of a tribute to Chuck Jones' beloved "Duck Amuck", which imagines the Lindens as mischevious prankster gods, bringing the reality-mind-game beat down on hapless Residents.

Joining Brian Mifflin's "Second Theory" comic blog, "Plywood" is one more chuckle-inducing attempt to turn online world screenshots and flashy Photoshop skills into a new medium. Go here to see how it succeeds.

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I think that's gotta be the best Second Life based web comic to date. Hilarious, keep it up guys.

Posted by: Artemis Fate at Aug 23, 2005 8:43:10 AM

Wow, Hamlet... Those PLYWOOD guys are funny!


And not just that: the dead-on subject matter, the precise use of the sequential medium, the timing, oy, it's like here's our Chris Ware. (Well, maybe that's overstating it. Maybe it's, yeah, more like here's our Joe Matt. But without the cheapness.) Even the website design: perfect.

Thanks for pointing this out. Made my day.

Posted by: Memory Harker at Aug 23, 2005 10:53:21 AM

Wow! Thanks for the kind words, Hamlet! And thanks to everyone else, too. We have been absolutely floored by the positive response we've received from all quarters.

BTW, all of our work is with a nod to Brian, whose idea we have shamelessly ripped off here.

Posted by: Moriash Moreau at Aug 24, 2005 8:29:10 AM