Wednesday, August 03, 2005


The fate of "Hsiao-Tsing", Second Life's pioneer Internet employee from China...

When she first came to Second Life, her story seemed so strange, and so unbelievable (and unsettling to some), I was reluctant to even reveal her SL name. She said she had come here on orders from her boss, the head of a Chinese Internet gaming company, for the sole purpose of acquiring Linden Dollars to convert into US currency-- a worker for a fabled virtual sweatshot. Inspired by the Hong Kong fantasy classic A Chinese Ghost Story, I chose "Hsiao-Tsing" as her pseudonym, named after the film's beautiful temptress spirit, who reluctantly serves a tree demon that drains the souls of its victims with a giant tongue. In a later update, the story of "Hsiao-Tsing" seemed a touch less strange-- another milestone of the next global economic revolution.

But that was four months ago, and so much has changed since then. During that time, the largest online world acquired 1.5 million Chinese subscribers in a few weeks, and the Chinese government itself has earmarked $1.8 billion to develop online worlds of their own. And just like that, "Hsiao-Tsing" didn't seem mysterious at all. Just one more explorer from the new China, navigating the digital ocean that's reached its shores.

In reality, Hsiao-Tsing is a Resident named "liangmj Coffee". Lia (as friends call her) now makes her real life living by hosting Slingo matches at Shashe Neva's Belmondo Family Mall, and selling pool tables created by Chrischun Fassbinder (she gets a commission.) She's since uploaded a real life photograph into her in-world First Life profile. It depicts a very young, slender Chinese woman with the kind of fresh-scrubbed farmgirl prettiness that you'd see in old school Communist propoganda posters. (Were she wearing a worker's apron and not blue jeans, that is.) Though she's here to make a living, her profile warns, Ms. Coffee has moral standards. "i'm poor," it announces, "but i don't sell my self i cant sexy with men here."

Since coming to Second Life last Spring, Lia's grasp of the world and her ability to interact within it has improved immeasurably. Enough to be comfortable with discussing her Second Life identity without fearing that her efforts to earn Linden Dollars for cash would somehow jeopardize her subscription.

"I think the SL boss won't cancel my account," she decides. "I think they can allow me survive here."

Since then, liangmj Coffee has befriended several other Residents from China, who've come here for reasons of their own. She tells me about one of them, who's become a dedicated Don Juan in-world. "As far as I know," Lia says, "he is upsetting with SL ladies now. He has at least four-five girlfriends. He always in love but didn't marry with any one."

Another, Yiren Byrd, is a statuesque brunette who like Lia has become a hostess at the Belmondo mall. Both of them have uploaded demure real life photos of themselves, and display them on a wall there, with a tipjar set nearby.

"Tiptip me if you like my photo," Yiren coaxes me, when she joins us in Belmondo. "I'm pretty poor."

Yiren plays Second Life after hours from the offices of the tech company where she works as a typist, she says. "We use Internet with selling our company's product," she tells me. "So typing with bills, the stuffs of Chinese computer soft. Some are [products you] can take walk away, can use it freely."

"Wireless computers?" I ask.

"Yes, some of them," Yiren answers. "Sorry, my English is pretty poor, I can't get the meanings."

She doesn't just come to Second Life to be a casino hostess. "I like script and make stuff or building," says Yiren. "I always go sandbox. I just learning." She's also been in Second Life long enough to know something about its thriving economy, and the players in it. "[A] tricky [person]," she says of one well known entrepeneur. "Ruthless. Don't have love heart." Like Lia, she works in one of China's enterprise zones-- in a city, as it happens, where I myself have distant relatives.

Despite the demands of her in-world work, liangmj Coffee still has time to socialize; she tells me she'd like a Second Life boyfriend, someone who "can help me and let me feel safe." She's met a lot of would-be suitors from America in here, "men and boys asked me want me go their USA", but so far, she hasn't found one to win her heart. A born romantic, Lia had a friend set up an Internet audio stream that endlessly plays Marx on her property-- not Karl, Richard. "Right Here Waiting" streams endlessly on her land. She often types along to the lyrics.

"Yes some men after her," Yiren assents, glancing at her friend. "You cute Lia." They consider themselves Second Life sisters, and have since become friends in real life, too-- Yiren once rode the railways of China to visit her.

But liangmj's main role here is employee, and though she's become better at earning the requisite Linden Dollars her boss demands, still, "it's hard to finish my task."

"Lian's job is not perfect," Yiren tells me, sympathetically. "I always helped her."

I ask Yiren if she's knows the kind of work she does.

"A sweating shop. I know it's hard to find a good job to live. It's hard to live in China."

I wonder if Yiren would also want to try and make a living here.

"I want play SL for fun," she retorts quickly. "I have job."

liangmj Coffee says, "What's your real job please, Hamlet."

"This is my real life job."

"Yes, so you work for Governor Linden please," she realizes. "Cool."

A tan man named Stevo Pierce has arrived in Belmondo, and has overheard the conversation. "That sounds fun," he tells me, "getting paid to play Second Life." He turns to Ms. Coffee. "When do you next have Slingo game here, Lian?"

"Soon. Need wait more players join."

Stevo Pierce nods. "I have only played it a couple of times, but I am already addicted." In his first life, Steveo tells us, he's a nuclear engineer living in the UK. And I note how amazing it all is, me in San Francisco at 3:30AM, him in England at 11:30AM, standing here with two Internet workers from China, where it's dinner time of the next day.

"Wonderful things," Yiren agrees.

Wonderful, but come to think of it, not amazing at all. Just the way things are.

UPDATE, 8/5: Some questions in Comments (below) have been raised as to whether it's even possible to access Second Life from China, so I asked Second Life CEO Philip Linden to confirm this for the record.

"According to our [server] stats," he e-mails me, "we have 22 users in China."

"From what I understand," Internet protocol wizard Aaron Linden adds, fielding my follow-up question on access through "the Great Firewall of China", the Chinese government "engages in IP address blocking, so it's likely that any request to a blocked IP address results in a null route... For the vast majority of cases, web content is the only way you get on the blocked IP list."

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I ran into Yiren while I was doing my weekly motorcycle run down the roads of the SL maingrid. It's still sort of weird talking to them knowing that they do this for a job that has a quota and are a part of self proclaimed sweat shop (which always brings to mind 8 year old indonesia kids with dirty faces holding nikes). I talked to the manager about it and he even said that they had employed a few of these chinese players.

But I guess the best way to describe it you said yourself, Hammy:

"Just the way things are."

Posted by: Artemis Fate at Aug 3, 2005 8:29:04 PM

Yeesh, Hamlet, I can't believe you are helping to replicate this hoaxy story on the Internet. It's like an urban legend. This woman, who has a full-time job, has disposable time and income, and isn't in a "sweatshop" but is in "a hobby". You make the process of "the sole purpose of acquiring Linden Dollars to convert into US currency" seem somehow sleazy, like "the right sort" don't ever sully themselves by making mone, much less converting it to US dollars. We never get any sense of how widespread this "phenom" is -- for all we know, it may be the exact same woman who talked to Csven, who blogged this and helped spread the rather dubious concept -- that there are all these Chinese and other third-world tekkies just waiting to stream into SL to make US-type money.

The readiness with with journalists, in-house or no, are grabbing on to this sensational story of the Chinese sweatshoppers is in direct proportion to their need to displace this story on to "the other" and "the alien ones on the other side of the world" to help them look away from the fact that *right here in the US* in some of our methed-out states filled with unemployment and bad farm loans there are lonely moms and grandmas turning tricks as "dancers" and "escorts" in their SL clubs, in between their not-full-time-enough Walmart shifts and picking up the kids. They are storing up their Linden dollars to buy the kids some shoes for school. That kinda thing actually isn't fake. If you're going to talk sweatshop, Hamlet, talk about the WHOLE PLACE as a sweatshop. Talk about even all those rich college kids who design robots for free at their college wireless work stations in between classes before Mom picks them up. There's a tremendous amount of brainpower harnessed in SL that is being paid like $4/hour -- if that. Probably more like $1/hour, and more often $0/hour. Pennies, for days -- weeks -- of really picky work, the kind that made our ancestors at the looms go blind or die early.

Really, I hope some day you will have the courage to cover not the fake stories of people supposedly from China (we never learn how they dialed up past China's notorious firewalls), but the real stories of all the young people breaking their backs in this game -- to polish their resumes, to make a dime, but all of whose labour has been exploited beyond belief in the name of GameDev.

Posted by: Prokofy Neva at Aug 3, 2005 10:26:50 PM

Hamlet, I really enjoyed this article! Perhaps if we - world citizens - are all living in the same online space, we will stop wanting to blow each other up.

Posted by: HiroPendragon at Aug 4, 2005 12:41:25 AM

"Yeesh, Hamlet, I can't believe you are helping to replicate this hoaxy story on the Internet.... Really, I hope some day you will have the courage to cover not the fake stories of people supposedly from China (we never learn how they dialed up past China's notorious firewalls), but the real stories"

I take this comment to mean that Prokofy has some proof that this person does not in fact live in China and does not come to SL to earn Lindens to exchange for real currency (I suppose that possibility only exists in the West). If that is the case, I'd be interested in this proof Prok has available which allows these factual statements to be made. Personally I've always viewed these stories with skepticism; yes, even portions of the story I wrote... but that piece was really about shared knowledge, and not videogame sweatshop workers. I could have replaced SL and that individual with other people whom I've met in Asia and correspond regularly via email (and no, they get no money or business from me either).

If this individual lives in NYC, it doesn't change anything. Nor does it remove the point I was making in my piece or the possibility that there are real people like this in the world. And perhaps most interesting to Prok, it wouldn't surprise me.

Posted by: csven at Aug 4, 2005 7:02:22 PM

Hmm, I've been watching this case for a while from the safety of the TG, and enjoyed the article. Cool person, and, while I would like some proof, I'm not quite as paranoid as Mr Neva here. 'Willing suspension of disbelief.' Even if she isn't really what she claims to be, why care? It still makes for great reading after the TG has closed.

But, while reading through, I noticed mention of a new game: Slingo? What is that? Please blog! :D

Posted by: Aesop Thatch at Aug 4, 2005 10:07:29 PM

I'm nmore than ready to believe that this is real. The main character in this story once chased me and harangued me for half an hour because I didnn't put into a pot after winning. I had put over 1000 lindens into the pot during the night and won 350. Sounds like someone desperate to me!
Ezri Martini

Posted by: Ezri Martini at Aug 5, 2005 2:02:34 AM

Well it's not just the one person, there's a few of them that claim to be from china shops, and this stuff happens in SL so it's not impossible. And from what I understand from the last story, one of our chinese speaking players contacted them and they spoke perfect chinese (while their english is less than great, though in SL clubs, I don't think anyone would notice). Plus that desperate actions seems to be there, I haven't dealt with them a lot, but when I met the first one I was driving by the club and looked in, and she was dancing on a pole in the completely empty club. Would suggest that she couldn't leave.

But I'm not leaving out the possibility it's totally fake, just saying that there's a good possibility that it isnt too.

And Prok, Hamlet writes about this rather than the general hooker making money for whatever she's buying in RL, because this is much more interesting of a read.

Posted by: Artemis Fate at Aug 5, 2005 10:36:51 AM

Just added an update to this entry, which may (or may not be) relevant to the current Comments conversation...

Posted by: Hamlet Linden at Aug 5, 2005 12:34:14 PM

I can confirm through friends in China that the so-called Great Firewall of China doesn't quite live up to it's predecessor. Some of the links I've gotten from them have previously caused me to ask them about this mythical barrier. They've more or less laughed at that so far.

However, the possibility exists this person and those with whom I've dealt are in fact someone or - some people - attempting to pull a hoax. But any imposter who spends on the order of 16 hours over three days just asking questions and receiving nothing but answers certainly has an odd concept of a hoax. I don't know of many roleplayers who could stay in character much past an hour. And to what end? Even if it is a hoax, the possibility of others that are real still exists.

On the other hand, all these people could be "Prokofy". I'm personally skeptical that Prok is one individual and one theory is that these people (including a high-level Linden) take turns pretending to be this person called Prokofy who then ... Hey. You never know. For all we know, Prok is really Kim Jung Il.

Uh, Hamlet... how many connections does LL have coming out of North Korea?

Posted by: csven at Aug 5, 2005 1:51:50 PM


Posted by: butalbital apap caffeine at Jun 30, 2006 9:52:49 AM



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