Monday, August 01, 2005


Welcome to New World Notes, Punditeers! To give you a little background on the Cory Doctorow interview Glenn Reynolds just linked to, it was conducted in the online world of Second Life, where I'm the official embedded journalist-- this blog, New World Notes, is my ongoing account of SL as an emerging society. USA Today recently published a nice summary of SL here, but a Pundit-ish summary would be: It's a user-created Metaverse with an actual free market economy, including an official currency that's tied on the open market to the US$. As part of my work as embedded journalist, I sometimes invite real world authors whose work is pertinent to Second Life in-world-- most recently Cory Doctorow, for whom we created an avatar and an in-world edition of his latest novel.

Some other NWN blog entries which may interest Instapundit readers-- an experiment in virtual evolution, a virtual hallucination/schizophrenia simulator, and the arrival of private detectives in Second Life. In a more political vein, Second Life memorials to the victims of 9/11 covered here and here, accounts of how the last Presidential election impacted SL here and here, and an after-election, multi-part conversation between Second Life Residents who supported Bush and Kerry here. Related to that, a brief story on how the SL experience has helped shaped the opinion of international users to Americans here. "Outsourcing" is often a subject that makes Instapundit, and a unique SL variation has been reported on here, here, and here. Punditeers may also be interested in NWN's many profiles of Residents who were or are in Iraq, and the recounting of that experience, here, here, and here. Want more background, details? Post away in Comments.

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