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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Avatars dash thousands of miles and raise thousands of dollars to fight cancer...

Even after everyone else had given up for the day, an angel kept running. As of about an hour and a half ago, 4pm Second Life Time, Jade Lily's Second Life Relay for Life had raised the Linden Dollar equivalent of at least $4600 for the American Cancer Society, with more to surely come.

"It's going directly into a Gaming Open Market account, but [GOM's owners have] a script set up to send me the current total every five minutes or so. We have US$4,267.79 in GOM right now. It officially ended at Noon, but some others are holding events tonight and donating." (Skyllar Skidoo has an advance report from the scene at Terra Nova.)

"It's not including US$ donations made directly through Kintera," Jade adds. "We know there are some of those. Touch this sign." Clicking on the sign behind the slender brunette opens up a dialog box that lets you launch a web browser and go directly to a donation site. "And we had someone donate US$360 this morning on that site," Ms. Lily continues. "That's not been included in the total I gave."

Jamie Brokken scripted a lap tracker to keep tabs on the 315 avatars who ran on the pathway shaped into the word "Hope", sending the data via XML to an external website. "Karandas Banjo ran 100 [laps]," Jade tells me. "That's about 200 kilometers." (One full lap, according to Brokken, is two kilometers in relative SL distance.)

"Kornation appears to be running still," Jade observers, "but we're not tracking the laps anymore."

As if on cue, an angel in a cream-colored suit named Kornation Bommerang jogs past us, slowing down only long enough to pose for pictures, then continues in his quest to go the distance.

Update, 8/29, 10:47pm SLT: According to Second Life Future Salon, SL Relay for Life has raised the astounding and excellent Linden Dollar equivalent of $5,411.00 for the American Cancer Society.

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This recently in... Kornation Bommerang reportedly finished 100 laps. Not sure how many Karandas topped out at but there's an update! I'm so proud of my honeybunches+oats. ^_^

Good to be back again, Jamlet. :)

Posted by: Torley Wong/Torley Torgeson at Aug 28, 2005 8:35:14 PM

There was at least one person in a European timezone who walked the path rather early in order to get to bed at a reasonable time. :)

Posted by: Garnet Psaltery at Aug 29, 2005 2:45:18 AM

Donations of time, talent and money were all given with love, compassion, enthusiasm, honor and pride.

There were many many contributors to this event. Try to remember that it was not one or two people that made it what it was.

Hamlet, not one of your more indepth pieces. I'm truly disappointed.

Posted by: Trinity Serpentine at Aug 30, 2005 11:42:31 AM

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