Friday, August 05, 2005


This week I owe two hat tips to Chage McCoy, whose SL blog tipped me on the in-world Counterstrike recreation, and now, to this: an extensive white paper on enhancing aircraft physics in Second Life, written by seasoned blue-headed aeronautics engineer Huns Valen. Huns also offers an interesting (if potentially disturbing) story behind the open sourcing of his copious technical know-how. Namely, to undermine a recent attempt to hack his technology:

As it turns out, my code has been exposed, so I have nothing to lose by publishing this. In fact... [a]ny competent programmer who reads this document should be able to produce their own adaptation of my flight physics engine... [But a]dapting it to work well on a new vehicle is not a trivial task. A programmer who develops their own engine, starting from this whitepaper plus whatever they have learned and deduced separately, will gain enough experience to troubleshoot any quirky behavior.

Meanwhile, new SL blogger Clarence Calliope has an interview with and precis of noted Second Life intellectual Gwyneth Llewelyn. (Not only does the world have its native intellectuals, in other words, it has critical commentary on them, too.)

Speaking of which, my latest entry on Second Life's growing Chinese community has been updated with some news that's likely to provoke further thought and analysis.

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I wasn't aware of the white paper and will read it over with interest. Thanks for making me aware of it.

Posted by: csven at Aug 5, 2005 6:36:18 PM

Thank you graciously. Just goes to show that sometimes the shorter posts create as much interest as the epic ones :D

Posted by: Chage McCoy at Aug 5, 2005 7:20:37 PM

Good lord, Chage, did you say "Thank you graciously."? ~doubletakes~

I should take this time to mention I read and enjoy Chage's blog.

Posted by: Torley at Aug 5, 2005 7:47:25 PM

This is an amazing paper, even for the amateur scripters like myself - more even a "How-to", since it describes a step-by-step approach and all :) Wow, now I understand why vehicle scripting is an art as well as a science - I barely manage to get a box with 4 wheels to get "driven"...

Wait... "noted Second Life intellectual"?? Who, me? ;) LOL, Hamlet, what have you been drinking lately? At least, share it with us!

Clarence has promised us a series on a common theme, btw. It should be worth to watch as it unfolds, and I'm eagerly awaiting his next article...

Posted by: Gwyneth Llewelyn at Aug 8, 2005 5:19:56 PM