Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Last Sunday, Linden Lab ran a stress test event with the aim of getting 5000 Residents simultaneously in-world. At peak, the place was packed just shy of 4000, leading to a successful stress test (no significant server hiccups reported), but falling significantly short of the 5K goal. Why was that, when SL's total subscriber base now stands at over 40,000? (See the official homepage for a minute-to-minute update.)

To explain this shortfall, Second Life blogger Brace Coral offers a provocative model for breaking down the Resident demographic numbers:

1. Really Active: People like you and me who log in several times a week if not everyday.
2. Sorta Active: Folks who log in once a week or every other week.
3. Pop-ins: Those who pop in to see what all is goin' on once a month or so between bouts on WoW or EQ or wherever else they playin.
4. Deadish: Those who paid 10 bucks and didn't really like it, and just sorta let they account drift without actively cancelling it.
5. Alts: Extra accounts ppl get and/or multiple accounts on same CC or household etc.

Not entirely sure all her math adds up, but it's definitely worth a look. More here.

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I would like to know how many of the 40K accounts are premium accounts? Those are the most likely real active accounts and steady revenue stream for LL.

Posted by: Snowcraash at Aug 3, 2005 5:45:19 PM