Sunday, August 21, 2005


It's getting to the point where to keep up with Second Life community happenings, I sometimes need to read about them in the Sunday New York Times. A project originally conceived last year by Jade Lily (covered in NWN here), the SL Relay for Life was Jade's plan to raise Linden Dollars in an in-world walkathon, and convert that into a massive cash donation to the venerable American Cancer Society. Now with the official blessing of the ACS, the event is scheduled for the 27th and the 28th, with Linden Lab's active participation. The course where the walkathon will be held has been terraformed appropriately.

More background on the event, in the Sunday Times' Arts Section, in "Letting Your Fingers Do the Running", here.

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Hamlet, thanks for linking my picture. I've been experimenting with taking extreme draw distance shots, and I've gathered all my SL RFL course pictures into one album.

Posted by: Bino Arbuckle at Aug 24, 2005 7:24:41 PM