Sunday, July 31, 2005


Continued from yesterday. Closing thoughts on the perils and pleasures of in-world author appearances...


1 - Creating an area that resembles elements from the author's novel is a nice way of bringing the audience into the spirit and feel of its world.

Especially when the hero's mother is a washing machine and the father is a mountain.

2 - It's also one way of getting the author to meet some of his own characters.

3 - But sometimes, when the author's event is so popular, whole servers temporarily go offline, taking most of the audience with them.

So for awhile, all you are left with is an author and some stragglers on a washing machine floating in non-existence.

4 - When queueing up for a virtual book signing, don't expect a "line", so much as a blob of semi-orderly confusion.

With snarky running commentary on same, from the line itself:

lilith Pendragon: I think I'm in line, but I'm not sure.

Ronin Arnaz: I'm vaguely behind some people.

Carleb Callahan: I love how in SL we work so hard to replicate many inconvenient things from real life.

Jessica Qin: Hello Mr. President, what do you think of Hilary's chances in the next elec . . . wait, wrong line.

Sansarya Caligari: See, it IS like a real life book signing-- all people in line joking self-consciously.

5 - That Cory Doctorow, he has a strange group of fans.

Imperial walkers, skate chicks, and, well, a post-impressionist iron man-- they all wants a piece of the Doctorow.

Hamlet Linden: Breakfast, you have a smiley face and two Van Goghs on you.

Breakfast Bijoux: It's been said, Hamlet. And it's been true.

Hamlet Linden: OK, just wanted to make sure you knew.

6 - "Hulk fan of magic realism! Hulk piqued by mixture of fantasy and finely-observed human drama!"

Cory Doctorow: I used to have Hulk walkie-talkies-- you spoke into his crotch and your voice came out his nipples.

7 - Sometimes, they want you to never leave.

Bakuzelas Khan: Cory, you should get an alt [character] and stay and play.

Cory Doctorow: Khan, maybe post-[EFF semi-] retirement-- right now, I'm struggling to find time to sleep and eat.

Ronin Arnaz: If he asks nice, maybe he can get an island named Craig.

8 - Even when they're not all convinced you're the thing itself.

Carleb Callahan: Cory can you prove its you?

Cory Doctorow: Sure-- ask me a Turing Test question.

Ronin Arnaz: Well, he talks like a Cory.

9 - And sometimes, you hear of future plans to write novels roughly set in the world you're in.

Cory Doctorow: Charlie [Stross] and I have plans to write a thriller about the first multimillion-dollar heist in an MMO.

10 - Signing a virtual book (before, after) is an amazing innovation.

Just be sure your author doesn't get too attached to his work.

Linden credits: Nova Linden created the awesome soundstage/auditorium, Jeska Linden provided security, crowd control, and question moderation; Pathfinder Linden assisted with terraforming and land rights; Bub Linden took some screenshots; Video Linden (as controlled by Jesse) came in and simulcast the event live on the homepage.

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