Monday, July 25, 2005


Create Second Life's new official trailer for the chance to win a bounty of Linden Dollars and an internship...

And now, a rare Linden-related posting. I've been covering Second Life's emergence as a machinima platform for some time now in New World Notes-- latest examples here and here-- and was recently asked by Linden Lab to help put together a trailer contest announcement, a kind of challenge for Residents to depict their world in a few essential minutes of finely cut footage. The Linden-created "Chinatown" video was a sharply defined take on the experience, while the current Resident-created trailer now on the homepage is a far-flung montage. I'm curious to see the kind of visions this new contest will eventually cook up.

Some of the main points from the Second Life Forum announcement:

- L$100,000 each for up to 5 team members of the winning entry
- L$50,000 to two runners-up entries (if 5 or more entrees received)
- Possibility of in-office or off-site internship for up to three members of the winning team for 3 months sometime over the next year at Linden Lab’s discretion...
- All elements (soundtrack/titles/etc.) must be incorporated in the final trailer cut due August 22, 11:59pm PDT
- To enter, e-mail [email protected]... Please provide a script or storyboard or detailed summary of your proposed trailer.

All the details here.

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