Friday, June 17, 2005


A couple days after launch and a few days before it ends, the election in Plum to select the prototype which will publish Cory Doctorow's book in SL has heated up. Right now, Frans Charming's prototype is ahead, with Moriash Moreau trailing by a mere handful of votes. But all that could change over the weekend. Some new unexpected wrinkles have made it a lot more interesting. Since starting on Monday, the prototype developers have often lingered at the site, talking with Residents about their projects, getting their feedback, and improving their prototypes. Djinn Fizz added benches and colorful seats to his, Falk Bergman added an icon command set to his, Frans created a compact version of his original version, while Moriash improved his book's precaching mechanism, and for extra measure, uploaded Cory's Eastern Standard Tribe into his prototype. After so much time hanging out at the Expo site, there's even plans between a few of the competitors to work together on future projects.

Voting ends next Monday, 1PM PDT. If you haven't already, come to Plum (99,163) by then, try them all out, and vote!

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FYI: Falk has also made a version of EST on his reader. In fact, he did all the work required to format, convert, upload, and compile the pages in game. Thanks Falk!

Posted by: Moriash Moreau at Jun 20, 2005 9:03:15 AM

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