Thursday, June 23, 2005


An SL simulcast and a movie trailer...

I'm not generally in the habit of linking to the official Second Life homepage, but the wunderkinds at Linden Lab just launched a live in-world simulcast there-- just go there and click the Live Video icon, for what might be the very first of its kind for an online world.

At the moment I write this, it's streaming a party featuring an avenging angel, a robot inspired by the Daleks of "Dr. Who", a guy in flying battle armor, four dancing babes, and a white-faced ghoul, most of them dancing to an audio stream of Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House". Also, a few of them are waving "Vote on 407" signs, a proposition enjoining Linden Lab to include "a bill of rights similar to the US Bill of Rights to give users something which is their own." In other words, a perfect thumbnail of the SL community.

Over on her blog, Jade Lily announces a new video from Foxy Xevious and Bedazzle, the acclaimed team behind the U:SL first-person shooter. Bedazzle's new project (developed with Eric Linden) is a full-scale machinima Western featuring sets, customized avatars, and expressions-- trailer to it here.

UPDATE, 9:10PDT: Reuben Linden has some worthwhile thoughts on the social theory behind the SL simulcast here.

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