Friday, May 06, 2005


Recently added two new SL bloggers to the roster: Moriash Moreau and Nimue Galatea, who offers some contrarian thoughts on one of Second Life's most provocative Residents. Over at the SL Herald, Walker Spaight covers a potentially revolutionary in-world text-sharing technology, and on his own blog, the irrepressible Torley Torgeson is inspired to exclaim, "HOLY BUCKMINSTER FULLER!"

Closer to home (and just in time for E3) the official Second Life forum now has an official place for discussing in-world games available to play now and in development, here.

Update, 4:00PM PST: Prototype Pathfinder Linden just passed me a link that's too cool not to add now: Landmarker, a web-based map of Second Life that lets you folksonomically tag locations, add Snapzilla and Flickr-based screenshots to these places, and search through locations tagged by other Landmarker users-- sort of a del.icio.us for Second Life. (Brought to us by Residents Epitaxial Playfair, Arito Cotton, and Cienna Rand.)

Marvelous potential here. Behold it now.

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I think you've got an HTML bug on that first weblog link.

Posted by: Anonymous at May 6, 2005 1:07:52 PM

Thanks, it's fixed now.

Posted by: Hamlet Linden at May 6, 2005 5:11:35 PM

Thanks, Prototype and Hamlet! :)

Posted by: Epitaxial Playfair at May 7, 2005 12:31:31 PM

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