Thursday, May 19, 2005


(Another featured game for SL-E3-- background here.)

Developer Kermitt Quirk on his team's game:

Krytterz is mostly about collecting and duelling pets, which are customized by the players. A player’s pets can face off in challenges to advance and prepare for tournaments. Pets will sometimes choose to breed instead of fighting, creating offspring that are different from the standard choices.

Kermitt Quirk on Krytterz's key features:

Using the Second Life attachment system has enabled us to create a fairly complex network where players can manage their pets and find other players to compete with. Also the dialog system has been used to offer the players their options as battles progress, and the battle is played out by animated pet models for everyone to watch.

In the background, XML-RPC is being used to allow the in-world attachments to communicate with an off-world server that utilizes Java and a MySQL database to store information about the pets and their battles. Since Second Life allows us to store our data externally, it opens up other possibilities, like a web interface where players can see their stats and rankings.

Kermitt Quirk on the biggest challenges in creating Krytterz:

One thing we've had to consider while building Krytterz is that the animated models that play out the battles need to be rezzed whenever someone is challenged. This is a stumbling block we're trying to get around by allowing either players' attachment to rez all the necessary components. We've also provided public stations, which will manage the rezzing if the players don't have anywhere else to go.

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Go team Krytterz!

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