Wednesday, May 18, 2005


(Another featured game for SL-E3-- background here.)

Developer Oneironaut Escher on his team's game:

Not a lot can be said about it now-- we're still trying to collect data. We've found evidence of another game development competition. We're doing our best to piece together the events of that competition. We're hoping that players will be able to help us further. It's possible that events at the competition we're looking at turned out tragically-- both for the people involved and Second Life in general. There's some indication that the events we're looking at are actually somehow coming from a future version of SL, we're not sure.

Oneironaut Escher on Ghosts in the Machine's key features:

We're hoping to develop plans we've discovered for a device. Presumably, this device will allow us to see and track the actions of contestants in the above mentioned ill-fated game dev competition. We'll need the help of other researchers/trackers to piece together exactly what happened.

Oneironaut Escher on the biggest challenges in creating Ghosts in the Machine:

A lot of our work might be fairly script intensive. We're hoping this won't be an issue, as we've been allotted the resources of half a sim.

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