Friday, May 20, 2005


(Another featured game for SL-E3-- background here.)

Developer Shakuhachi Muromachi on his team's game:

The Extended Virtual Agent is a functional "world-bridging toy", in a genre similar to Wild Divine, InnerLife, Neuro Programmer, and Mind Surfer. Combining mind entrainment techniques such as binaural beats and visual stimulus with our custom systems, EVA extends human existential experience by "bridging" virtual and un-virtual via the collective "mind conduit".

Shakuhachi Muromachi on EVA's key features:

The capability Second Life offers our project is via the embedded "mind grid" of its "SecondLifers". EVA uses their intellectual, emotional and existential experience as an "engine"-- with thousands of live
minds to draw upon, SL offers the equivalent of a massive "brain cluster"-- a unique opportunity
perfectly suited to our research.

Shakuhachi Muromachi on the biggest challenges in creating EVA:

Most of our challenges arise from the complexities of human-machine interaction and the quirky, even chaotic nature of virtual agent extension.

The team has responded adeptly to these issues without exception, but accidents in our line of work are potentially hazardous and we have had our share of complications. One successful avenue we've found is the SL community-- we welcome the interest of all SLers (see resources).

Contact our sponsor for an exciting volunteer research assignment:

Unvirtual Realities, Inc

EVA Project.

In-world group "EVA Project", secondlife://Hikuelo/160/200

First image depicts an architectural overview of EVA design.

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