Friday, April 01, 2005


Added three new SL blogs to my ever-expanding left column: Babbage Linden's "Creation Engine" (nice multiple reference to Victorian computing, Gibson/Sterling's novel, and steampunk in general there) joins the Linden Lab-sponsored roster. A former contributor to the famed Terra Nova blog, I'm hoping Babbage offers similarly incisive, Deep Thought observations on the state of online worlds, in his new space. Also welcome two noted in-world fashionistas to the SL blogosphere: Launa Fauna and Torrid Midnight.

Meanwhile, over at the always-provocative Second Life Herald, Aimee Weber (a legendary fashionista in her own right) contributes a witty guide to sorting out the real men from the real women in Second Life:

Before you dump your girlfriend Trixie just as she rezzes her newly made M1-A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank, I would recommend relying on your own instincts rather than buying into the “statistics” and “facts". Subtle cues can go a long way in divining a user’s gender. For example, do romantic conversations with her inevitably reference the LSL Wiki pages? Does she change her AV’s clothing daily or with every major release of Second Life? Is her AV shaped like a golf tee… with a golf ball resting on it… maybe two golf balls?

When subtlety fails you, it’s time to be direct...

I was about to call her thing "tongue-in-cheek", but, well, it's not quite that. (Does "tongue-on-monitor" count as another humor category altogether?) Just read the whole thing already, OK?

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Perhaps a reference to Engines of Creation?

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