Wednesday, April 20, 2005


One morning, Hamlet Linden woke from uneasy dreams to find himself changed into a giant hamster...

"I made it for you," Relee Baysklef tells me, giggling. "I know you're interested in us furries, and I thought you might like to look the part when you report on us."

The veteran squirrel has invited me into her Aerodrome lab (the palm-locks on her sliding doors are paw-shaped), and given me a mysterious envelope to drag over my avatar. And when I do, my human head goes bulbous, my body goes round, my torso shrivels.

"Ahh there you go," Relee says, watching approvingly. "Shrink shrink shrink. Since your name is Hamlet, I thought you might like being a hamster."

In seconds the transformation is complete. As is my urge to pun.


"It's got a little hamster tail," Ms. Baysklef points out, "and the head, but otherwise normal."


Relee just giggles more.

Then I notice the hirsute nub growing out of my backside.

"What's this thing sticking out my back? Looks like an extra vertebrae!"

"That's your tail! Hamsters have really little tails. Some folks have argued with me that Teddy Bear hamsters, which look like you do now, have pointy tails. I'm used to golden hamsters, which have rounded tails." She takes a photograph of me in full fur. "You look good with your suit on."

I stand there for awhile, trying to find the words to describe the experience of looking at this new avatar of mine.

"This feels totally bizarre, I have to say." And it is. "I don't, well, I don't feel like me." And I don't. I do feel like myself, so to speak, when I'm in my default Hamlet Linden avatar, who looks like me. (At game/high tech conventions, in fact, people often recognize me by my Second Life avatar.) I even feel like myself when I'm in my Hunter S. Thompson avatar. (Since that's someone I admire, and feel I understand.) But this, for me, well-- this feels like something else entirely.

"Yeah," Relee is saying, "most furries make their own avatars, it's a very personal experience."

I've known Relee as a Resident for well over a year now, and her scripting skills have been a subject for this space. But I've never asked her about the furry subculture, or the small but active sub-subculture of furry Residents in Second Life, that she belongs to. But now that I've temporarily taken on this form, she somehow feels more comfortable expressing who she is. So up there in the suborbital Aerodrome, far above Second Life's gravitational pull, in a room with an Internet radio channel streaming ambient downtempo breakbeats around them, a giant hamster and a giant squirrel hang out, and chat.

The reason most furry Residents make their own avatars, Relee tells me, it because there's "a spiritual connection to animals, or a specific animal. Sometimes it's just fascination. But usually it's confined to a few animals rather than just animals in general. For example, I'm a squirrel. Tiger Crossing is a Tiger. Some furries are more fluid though, like Arito Cotton who has been a dragon, a fox, and a bat."

"Do you feel a spiritual connection to squirrels, if I may ask?"

"Yes, in a fashion. For me, it's just the way I feel inside, something I'd like to be. But not necessarily a real squirrel. A popular definition of a furry is someone who has a special connection with an animal, real or imaginary... I'd really like to be a cartoon squirrel. Some furries would hate to be a cartoon, though."

I ask her when she began to feel that desire.

"Hmm..." She stands there awhile, thinking. "It's hard to describe. It's been years now, but I've been a furry longer than that. It takes a lot of time to really find yourself, and I'm always learning new things about myself. 'Why a Squirrel?' is a big mystery. I've always felt a sort of affection for them, and when I started looking like one in my fantasies, it just sort of clicked...

"I'm a furry in real life, though we have some limits as to what we can do in real life... I'm rather tall and overweight in real life. I like to be small and cute, when I can be. My real body feels awkward and strange compared to the body of my fantasy... Like most furries, I can't remember ever being different. I've always had a sort of connection with animals, since I was a kid playing animals with my friends. And 'anthropomorphic animals', as furries are sometimes called. Human-like animals."

"Cartoon animals, in other words," I suggest.

"Yeah, but not neccesarily cartoons. There are werewolves in the furry community. Otherkin..." A quick glance of publicly registered Second Life groups suggests that the in-world subculture is at least several hundred Residents strong. But as Relee tells it, this is not surprising. "[Real world] furry conventions often have over a thousand people visiting, and furries tend to be computer nerds... Well," she adds, "except for the Indian shaman types..."

"There are a lot of Indian shamans who are furries?"

"I don't know about a 'lot', but anyone who has a connection to animals can find themselves furry. Totemists included. They might not think of themselves as animals, or want to be like animals, but they respect and revere totem spirits."

I tell her that I'm having a hard time picturing, say, an actual American Indian shaman dressed up as a pink rabbit or whatever in the hotel lobby hosting a furry convention.

"Oh, some do," Relee insists. "Like my friend John-Racoon. [Not his real name. - HL] Of course, there are some stereotypes that you get when you think of American Indians. I know quite a few and they're mostly down-to-earth folks."

"Of course," I say.

Earlier I told her that I've been wanting to write about Second Life's furry Residents, and she has some advice if I were to go forward.

"Now that I think of it," she says, "there is one thing you'll want to avoid when talking with furries in general. A lot of furries consider themselves apart from the human race, and when someone says something like 'We're all human behind the keyboards' they take serious offense... Not many, but the ones who are offended at that will take it very serious. Particularly otherkin, who are also furries. Dragons especially."

"'Otherkin' are non-furry animals?"

"Otherkin are people who are not human, or have a non-human soul. Elves, Changelings, Dragons, that sort of thing. Not all furries are otherkin, and not all otherkin are furries."

"And dress up as such in real life?"

"Well they don't really need to dress up," Relee answers. "They really are those things. While it's debatable, most of them do have mutations or chemical allergies that match the myths and legends of their mythical connections."

"Like Dragons have scaly skin from eczema, for example?"

"Yeah." Relee Baysklef nods. "Things like that. It's a spiritual and religious thing for some people, and they aren't happy when it's questioned. Other people are happy to talk about it. If you go up to a bunch of different furries, you'll find they have a lot of differences. Like all people have differences."

I've been steering around a potentially sore subject, but build up the gumption to approach it square.

"You know," I begin, "one reason I haven't written about furries is because any article will inevitably open up the community for public ridicule." In fact, members of another Internet-based community recently came into Second Life en masse, and many of them declared open season on Second Life's furries.

"Well, it wasn't THAT bad really," Relee amends, "but a lot of furries are shy and can't handle the pressure of people teasing them. Most members of that goon squad were reported for abuse and banned from Second Life, of course." For my own part-- and I owe Reuben Linden for inspiring this point-- if it's a little odd that some people go in-world so they can be anthromorphic personae, it's even stranger when another group of people go in-world to make fun of them, for doing so. Since to do that, after all, they also have to go online and take on an alternate form, themselves. (Stranger still when the ridiculer's chosen avatar is much more physically attractive and far less imperfect than they really are, offline.)

"I doubt anything you write could be worse off than some of the publicity the furry community has gotten," Relee assures me. "Furries groan as they mention "CSI", Vanity Fair, and MTV's furry documentary."

"Can you understand why some people find it something mock-able?"

"Oh, of course. What we do is pretty silly, and different from the norm. It's natural for people to shy away from change. Us furries tend to be strange or exceptional people. In many ways not normal, for good or ill." Then again, she adds, "Not all furries find it silly, or understand how anyone could say that it is, even though it is. Most think it's just rude."

Relee had actually created my own personar hamster avatar for me a few weeks before she could pin me down online to try it on.

"Are you excited?" she asks.

I laugh a little awkwardly. "Well, it's different, that's for sure."

"Don't be too surprised if a lot of people start hugging you," Relee Baysklef warns me. "A lot of furries love to hug!"

No doubt they do, and more power, as they say, to them. But it's plausible that I'll politely refrain from any furry-based embracing, in the future.

Because if you want to know who you really are, one way to find out is to try on a role that is decidedly not you. Relee Baysklef takes on the form of a squirrel, and feels a connection to a form she's always wanted to be. Hamlet Linden takes on the form of a hamster, by contrast, and feels, for example, like he's walking around in public wearing a scuba diving suit made out of lime green sandpaper. And while there's really nothing wrong with publicly wearing a lime green sandpaper scuba suit, nothing wrong at all, I still wouldn't quite feel like myself inside it. I'd also worry that people would form their impression of me just from the scuba suit, and not on who I really am. I want Hamlet Linden, I decide right there and then, to keep on being a slightly idealized version of who I am in real life; I want people to see a version of how I see really myself, or want myself to be seen.

Valuable things to learn, if you can stand to have the nubbin of a tail sticking out your backside for a time.

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Ahh wonderful. I've been dilligently checking your blog every day since we met. I've been really anxious to see your report! :)

I also see you did your homework, and found links to the CSI Furry bit, and the MTV scandal. Very dilligent, Hammy. *claps*

I think perhaps we neglected to discuss "The Artists" though. They might be sour for not getting a mention. They're people who are only interested in furries from an art standpoint. For a while they even organized into an anti-furry hate group called the Burned Furs!

I hope that this little commentary footnote will let them know that I think about them too, when I talk about furries. :)

Posted by: Relee Baysklef at Apr 21, 2005 7:54:30 AM

I'm glad to see this up. 'Bout time. =P

I've always found it amazing that even here, in a world where you can be anything you want to be, people are still judged and treated based on how their avatar looks.

On the same token, it goes both ways. I've known people with human avatars that make fun of "animal lovers" and I've seen furries refuse to hang out with "fleshies" or "monkeys" before.

It just saddens me that, as one that goes between both worlds regularly, that people still rely on the outsides more than they do on the insides.

On a couple of side notes, Relee, the AV you made for Hamlet is very awesome and very fitting. If someone can teach him to reattach his glasses, then that will be a treat to see.

And Hamlet, I would sincerely hope you would accept a hug from me regardless what form either of us is in. You've always been a joy to read and I promise not to pinch your butt....




Posted by: Nala Galatea at Apr 21, 2005 9:27:16 AM

Ahh I forgot Hamlet wears glasses. *nods* When I make an avatar with a prim head, I attach it to the nose rather than the skull, since people tend to make hats attach on the skull. I attach my heart-shaped glasses to my ear. Just, don't attach something to your eye, that makes it swing around whenever your eye twitches. XD

I learned that the hard way when I was a newbie, and made a satyress avatar with horns attached to my eyes. ;)

Posted by: Relee Baysklef at Apr 21, 2005 9:43:44 AM

Ahh I forgot Hamlet wears glasses. *nods* When I make an avatar with a prim head, I attach it to the nose rather than the skull, since people tend to make hats attach on the skull. I attach my heart-shaped glasses to my ear. Just, don't attach something to your eye, that makes it swing around whenever your eye twitches. XD

I learned that the hard way when I was a newbie, and made a satyress avatar with horns attached to my eyes. ;)

Posted by: Relee Baysklef at Apr 21, 2005 9:44:08 AM

Completely presumptive and not-well researched, Hamlet. Asking one to speak for many and then running with it as if it was fact is, while common with your reports, not very good journalism.

Relee is not the 'alpha furry', - and I'm sure, Hamlet, that you're giggling with glee at this fact - we've mostly been accepted by SL, unlike in a lot of places. I suspect, now that you've blasted the usual old claptrap out for the SL population to see, that's about to change.

Thanks for making sure *everyone* backs W-Hat and the SA Goons, Hamlet. A bunch of people in SL are about to be subject to a lot of shit, by the Lindens and by the residency. Maybe you should join up with the SA Goons, they seem to be much more your style. Hell, do an interview, praising them.

After all, Hamlet. You can see why we should all be mock-able.

Posted by: nope. at Apr 21, 2005 10:01:15 AM

Ask "What is the meaning of life?" to everyone you meet, and you'll get a different answer ever time. Same thing here, of course...

Posted by: Tiger Crossing at Apr 21, 2005 10:29:21 AM

*nods to Tiger* Yes, as they say if you ask fifteen people what furry is, you'll get fifteen answers.

Hammy and I mostly had a casual discussion in my lab over it; it's not like this is an in-depth documentary!

As for "Nope"... There is no "Alpha Furry". However I am one of the oldest furries on SL, and I think I know what I'm talking about.

Posted by: Relee Baysklef at Apr 21, 2005 11:54:27 AM

As articles about Furries go, this is one of the most positive. It's good to see them get a fair treatment for once. I have no idea why, but Furries are one of those groups where it's 'okay' to treat them as viciously and horribly as you want, as if they aren't really human beings. Never knew why that was, but I'm glad that SL has been so open to them.

Posted by: Etain Peregrine at Apr 21, 2005 12:13:58 PM

Great article, Hamlet.

I think it is very sad that people judge others by their looks, as I see this as one of the most attractive features of Second Life, and I myself find that anyone who has the "courage" to wear what they feel inside, and still be battered with racism( species-ism?) are truly the Heroes/Heoines of Second Life, and anyone who is immature enough to make fun of Furries because of their animal roots should be banned.

More Power to ya, Relee

Posted by: Rabid Penguin at Apr 21, 2005 2:51:22 PM

Some groups think Furries are ok to treat as viciously and horribly as they want, "as if they aren't really human beings" as you put it, because some of them DON'T think they're human. If Vampires can still cling to humanity and consider themselves human, I think furries should do so as well.

Posted by: Stovaa at Apr 21, 2005 4:31:28 PM

Dammit Hamsterpants, you beat me. One less thing I can blog about :p

I'd just like to also point out that not everyone is a furry in real life just because they have a furry AV. I for one someone wander around as a feline in a sophisticated suit and bowler hat. Why? because It looks cool :P imo at least.

People should never ever ridicule and harrass people in furry AVs. 1) They may be not be furry and 2) if they are, so what? really who cares, I dont think people go around bashing other for their sexual fetishes.


Posted by: Chage McCoy at Apr 22, 2005 1:03:10 AM

I do have to agree that one data point does not allow for much information. A more apt title might have been 'Furry interview' or what not. 'Furry like me' tends to make me think of the book and movie of a similar name, and implies having the experience of living a certain way. A short jaunt in a furry avatar and an interview hardly fulfils the promise of the title.

"If Vampires can still cling to humanity and consider themselves human, I think furries should do so as well."

So who in hell *Wants* to be 'human'?

My main reson for choosing SL in the first places was because the variety of attachments and avatar mods allowed the possibility of living my 'second life' as a feline anthro - a panther in my own case. 'Wearing my inside on my outside' at last, so to speak.

SL has the tools to deal with Specie-ism and Specie-ist hate. Report. Report. Report. I wonder if we're protected by the TOS .. Hmm. Or is that only if I say my furry-ness is a fetish? Lifestyle? Orientation?

I do find it endlessly amusing when cookie-cutter buff guys and achingly perfect boosomy gals try to lecture me about how 'you should be yourself', as if their avatars have anything more to do with real life than my own.

But, after all, felines do have the most highly developed sense of irony on the planet;, else why would we keep humans as pets and allow them to believe the reverse?

Posted by: Adam Blair at Apr 23, 2005 9:58:05 PM

"I do find it endlessly amusing when cookie-cutter buff guys and achingly perfect boosomy gals try to lecture me about how 'you should be yourself', as if their avatars have anything more to do with real life than my own."

Oh hell yes. I've thought for a long time that making up an online appearance from scratch is more honest than using an off-the-shelf Barbie/Ken avatar and deluding yourself into thinking it's 'you'.

Suler's The Psychology of Cyberspace has lots to say on the subject of identity play. It disappointed me that most people Suler met tended to play a bit, then settle on an avatar that was basically their physical real-life form (as if the shape of your physical body is the be-all-and-end-all definition of who you are as a person), and many of those that chose other forms were actively being dishonest, rather than earnestly trying to represent themselves, or exploring another identity or way of interacting. I wonder what he'd make of Second Life!

Second Life is such a rich playground for experimentation and expression, so it's not surprising that there are tonnes of 'furries', artists and creatives on board. What's surprising is that these people are looked down upon by some other users.

To be fair, Hamlet, a lot of furries are running away from their true identities rather than joyfully experimenting with them, so there are plenty of examples of people who say that they 'really are' a gerbil or a fox inside, but I don't think this is the norm on Second Life.

Posted by: Sincerity Lorentz at Jun 5, 2005 3:35:12 AM

Finaly a calm and relaxed insight on "the furry thing". Congratulations.

Posted by: Woolly Mittens at Jul 7, 2005 11:29:03 PM

Overall a good article, although I cringed at some of Relee's comments on spiritual connection and what not.

Furry isn't a "religion" for everyone, but some of her comments made it seem like that opinion was the majority. Now, I'm sure that's how it is with her and that's fine and good, and subjects like otherkin and such - which are rarely discussed - are fine to bring up. But it needs to be said that there ARE lots of furries who just think animals are cool, and (like myself) have a specific animal as their fav. Some are honestly good role-players, and in spite of online conversations they CAN actually distinguish between reality and fantasy.

As for me, "Lizardbeth" has been more like a mascot figure for myself for years, and I know I'm not the only fur out there to think if it along those lines. Sure, I'll refer to her as "me" once in a while, but I don't have fantasies that I'm a 5'8" anthropomorphic Iguana.

It would have been nice if you had talked with more than Relee, gotten a few different views. Maybe I'm more disconnected from it all being an artist and most of the furry stuff for me is "just something to draw"... but please, try to avoid speaking for all of us in the future.

This isn't even a major complaint, because I'm sure Relee didn't mean for her statements to come out as so broad and all-blanketing... but it IS something to think about, both for Relee and for other Furs who will undoubtedly be asked to explain themselves at least once sometime in their lives. Watch what you say, and keep in mind that not everyone who's listening is as open-minded as you want them to be.

Just my L$.02...

Posted by: Lizardbeth Lulu at Jul 17, 2005 2:52:23 PM

Furry isn't a 'religion' for anyone, but it's a deeply spiritual connection for a lot of people. Most of my furry friends, but not all, consider their furry connections to be an important part of their spirituality.

I'm not going to argue if spiritual furries or non-spiritual furries are the majority, since to do that is to argue the meaning of furry in the first place. It's too ambiguous a term for that.

Anyway you're right that I wasn't trying to blanket all furries as having spirituality. We're just the cool and interesting ones. ^.^

I did mention the non-spiritual art community as well.

Oh and I'd be happy to talk with Hammy again. I gave him a list of some of my favorite furries he could talk to, but I don't think he ever followed up on it.

Thanks for mentioning the updated reply on your blog Hammy! As it happened I was just looking it up to show a friend and it was easy to spot right at the top. ^.^

Posted by: Relee Baysklef at Jul 20, 2005 9:30:31 PM

PS now that I've posted it, I probably should clarify that when I said "Furry isn't a religion for anyone" I meant an organized religion, with like churches and stuff. ^.^

Posted by: Relee Baysklef at Jul 20, 2005 9:32:05 PM

I notice this article didnt delve into the deviant aspect of this sub-"culture". The Yiffers, which the majority of these PEOPLE seem to be a part of. Recently a Yiff club opened up in Royal, and has been nothing but an eyesore and a lag generator ever since. Yes I know all SL clubs are like this. But this one likes to display its "art" outside, in plain view of everyone. While I may not like it, it is Mature rated land, and I have no real say in it. This recently became a point of contention however, as the "art", of a pornographic nature, was visible from PG rated land. To make a long story short, the good guys won and the offensive art was moved out of view of the PG land in question.

Venturing inside the club is another trip into the perverse, as they display images of ACTUAL ANIMAL GENITALIA. To me, the vast majority of furries seem to be nothing more than degenerate beastial porn obsessed screwballs. Forgive me if I seem disjointed from here on out. But I can't wrap my mind around this. I know not all Furs are this far down the line. But the more vocal ones seem to be the worst examples of your culture.

Posted by: Cancer Manimal at Feb 6, 2006 4:12:27 AM

Damn freaks. allofem! They get off on weird stuff, but aint that what the anonyminity of the net is about? I dont even go on second life, I got here through a wired.com report, im hearing about this for the first time. Wow Im glad I am not online much. But hey, more power to these people, its an outgrowth of an ostracized anti-social nature. Blame 21st century society, and its only gonna get worse Im sure.

Posted by: Sh!ts McGee at Feb 8, 2006 1:11:54 PM

Sh!ts, if your still curious about the whole SL experience, dont let my rant sway you aside. The Anynomous nature of the internet is a double edged sword. It allows people to become something else, SL is a prime example of the ability to weave an entirely new persona for yourself. Hell, the internet was what broke me out of my shell growing up and made me the poisionously poignant man I am today. However, it also allows people to indulge parts of themselves they would (or in the case of this fur club I wrote about, SHOULD) never express in public.

The fact I'm trying to make is, just because you can...does that mean you should? I'm all in favor of free speech and freedom of expression. however, I also believe in tact and common decency. Something the owner of said establishment, and countless others (I'm talking RL and SL) dont. I was branded a facist and a nazi by the creator of the content I had issue with just because I asked him to move it out of view of PG land.

A real world porn shop cant display lewd pictures on the exterior of their establishment, why should it be any different in the virtual world. And Sh!t, if you'r actually reading this, I guess I stopped addressing you specifically some time ago. To ANYBODY reading this post, I ask you to just show some common decency.

Posted by: Cancer Manimal at Feb 9, 2006 6:41:09 AM

You have a very good point there, Manimal.
Anyone should have the common decency to keep adult rated stuff invisable from PG rated ares... That's common sense.

But as for the rest, in SL not only the furry, but also the non-furry establishments display their 'trade' out in the open, not only on the inside of te club's walls.
I have seen many non-furry images hanging from the sides of clubs in SL that I really didn't want to see... But I guess tastes just differ.

So making it seem like us furries are the only people on SL displaying erotic images of whatever species in - or outside the buildings, is a bit unfair, if not totally untrue.

Posted by: Darkfoxx at Feb 13, 2006 11:43:02 AM

One thing I always find saddening is that furry is cited for having a dark nature as if it were the only source of such in the World. This is a very narrow and narcissistic view. I believe that if one were to look around the internet, any culture, belief or sub-culture that one could support would have such a dark underbelly. Be it not so dark or even darker.

It's simply within our capacity as sentient beings to roll to every available corner of life. We have intellectuals and we have testosterone empowered gad-thinkers. We have all sorts and I can't say that humanity would really be better off without any aspect of what it is, contrasts are good.

Personally I'm more of an intellect myself, I'm a furry who'd rather be meditating or practicing gnostic focusing rather than "getting my rocks off" or whatever the hell passes for an intercourse metaphor these days. I don't perceive myself as the only kind of human on the planet however, I know it takes many kinds of many types and many ilks to build up a race.

To be frank (no, you can't be Jill), I think that anyone who'd take away from themselves just to be derogatory to another is just a person practicing a form of fascism and people have done that since the dawn of civilization. I'm saddened by it but I don't think that needs to be empowered either, I'm just reasoning out the myriad sides of things here, really.

I'm not going to criticize the people who choose to be hedonistic because that's what they find they're driven to do. Nor shall I waste my time criticizing the criticizers. I'm only saddened by the fact that really, they could be so much more productive by putting their thought processes to better things but just as the more enlightened might think of the hedonists, my opinion of the criticizers is that it's their life and they can do as they wish with it.

I just felt that someone really needed to add a level-headed response to this, which I have no done. So I don't think there's much more I need to say. Being excellent to each other never hurt but hey, if you're not into that then go with whatever floats your boat. I realize that many people find things distasteful but there are people who'll find them equally distasteful.

I guess my point is that I could be negative about all the things I don't like but then I'd have to waste my time being melancholy and I'm not going to do that. If I am going to get irked it's going to be more in the direction of young child molesters and so on because that involves a direct act of non-consensuality. Yet any being who's capable of making a decision will be left to do as they will by me and mine.

I'm just saying that there's a lot of bad stuff out there, you can concentrate on it and dwell on it and you can study it from the minor offences down to the deepest depths of morality. It's not really going to help anything, is it? If that's what you want to do then go ahead and allow yourself to be judged on your own words, opinions and judgements.

Myself, I'm going to be light and hardy because life is too short to waste on negative things. I'm going to help a community do some coding, I'm going to knock out some art and hang with friends in City of Villains because those things are entertaining and that's what I like doing. What everyone else does with their life is totally up to them.

Posted by: Rowne at Feb 15, 2006 11:53:14 AM

Ahh it's good to be recognized. ^.^

I noticed the new wave of replies but I didn't know why they happened. I got to be a Japanese Celebrity! Neat! XD

Anyway I still wish you'd do articles on other furries too Hammy. I may have been one of the first but I'm hardly Archetypal!

Posted by: Relee Baysklef at Feb 17, 2006 12:52:54 PM

Definitly an interesting read. Got me thinking, I walk around in SL as a little alien piloting robotic legs although I would probably fit more into the artist's category in that I don't see myself as an alien per say. Although a deeper psycological evaluation could find reason for my choosing such an avatar. Maybe something to do with feeling like an outsider in real life. Interesting never the less. Thank you for such an article as it has gotten me thinking.

Posted by: Eoin Widget at Feb 20, 2006 10:14:19 PM

Great article, if a little limited in sources.

Thanks for including the CSI, Vanity Fair, and MTV fiascos. I always get interesting questions from people when they ask me about the tail I wear in real life. When I say furry, they get this panicked look until I can explain.

Definetely do more of these--wonderful to see the furry community portrayed in such a positive light! It's very rare.

Posted by: Silver_Talamasca at Feb 24, 2006 6:32:35 PM