Friday, March 04, 2005


The quality of recent Second Life blog content keeps getting richer, so this week's collection of links come bevy sized:

- Longtime veteran Cubey Terra has a passionate reply to the community meme that's come to be known as "the feted inner core" of elite users. In a more cheerful (deranged?) entry, Mr. Terra recounts his leading an expedition on an eight hour circumnavigation of the continent.

- Tanaquil Karuna scoops me with coverage of a project I've known about for awhile, but haven't had time to report on: Francis Chung's Seburo screenshot contest, challenging residents to create the coolest images showcasing her fine weaponry.

- Tony Walsh of Clickable Culture (a fellow panelist at my upcoming talk at South by Southwest) reports on a fascinating project that aims to create an in-world biofeedback game.

- Olympia Rebus investigates some of the many hideaways located in the skies of Second Life.

- Gwyneth Llewelyn has a perceptive and opinionated analysis of the controversial Neualtenburg project in particular, and the state of self-governance in general. An excerpt:

Elitism - what I call the SL artistocracy, and which is usually termed as "the feted inner core" - is shunned upon, as well as rampant capitalism. Several residents, motivated by a strong community drive, envy, jealousy, or ethics, also despise "money", believing it to be the root of all evil - turning SL into a "clone" of RL, where greed seems to become slowly the major driving force behind SL's growth.

There is no question about it - SL is becoming more and more "fragmented" between idealists/utopists and greedy capitalists. Fortunately, both are extremes in the very flattened Gauss curve depicting all residents - most of us are "in the middle" and away from the most heated discussions...

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Hamlet... isn't featuring only Seburo weaponry and calling it "fine" a little biased journalism. There are other of us weapon designers out there with some great products. And that "contest" has also been criticized in the forums for being easily cheatable and a popularity contest, as well as the paper-thin obvious ad campaign. If this column is supposed to resemble news, perhaps it could provide a bit more "fair and balanced" coverage?

Posted by: HiroPendragon at Mar 6, 2005 9:22:05 PM

I'm Sorry, I came off strong on that last comment. Francis Chung has a good weapon, but my concern is that by showering anyone with praise over and over, innovation tends to fall by the wayside. Hamlet, you do a great job with NWN, and my disappointment with one topic should not be seen as a criticism of the whole journal. Keep up the quality reporting!

Posted by: HiroPendragon at Mar 7, 2005 12:55:35 AM

Thanks for the plug, Hamlet :D
I appreciate it!


Posted by: Olympia Rebus at Mar 8, 2005 6:15:26 PM

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