Sunday, February 06, 2005


If you've come to this blog after hearing Gloria Hillard's fine All Things Considered segment on Second Life, here's some links to the stories mentioned. The fashion show I discussed was featured here and in an eight part series beginning here. Bel Muse, the segment's charming star, has a revealing profile here and here ("White Like Me"), and her snowboarding companion Catherine Omega famously appeared here. Wargaming in the Jessie zone was featured here and here ("The War of the Jessie Wall"), and also here and most recently here. Debate over the last election erupted here, and then here. Hillard mentions that New World Notes has no obituary section-- sadly, in fact, there kind of is. Unmentioned in her piece was our brief tour in-world, when I had the honor of shooting the noted NPR correspondent with this weapon, and embracing her with this hugging technology.

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