Thursday, December 30, 2004


Veteran resident Jinny Fonzarelli just sent me this announcement, for an in-world fundraising effort to benefit the many (tragically many) victims of the earthquake and tsunami disasters in Asia, launching in exactly 24 hours. As it happens, this will be Second Life's second disaster relief effort (first one reported on here):

The Mahoosive SL 24 Hour Fundraiser Thingie!!!

In order to raise funds for disaster relief, from 12 Noon Friday there will be 24 hours of fundraising activity to raise money for victims of the tsunami...

A major part of this effort will be events being run during the 24 hours, but if you want to do something more proactive you can join Fau Ferdinand, Toast Bard and Jinny Fonzarelli (being sponsored also in real life) in their 24 hour Second Life session, or sponsor them directly via PayPal or with L$. If you'd be interested in that, or donating items as prizes, please contact Jinny! If you don't want to donate cash directly to the fund, you can take part in the many events that will be running during the 24 hours-- look out for 'DEC Fundraiser' in the event title!


- Misty 'Moisty' Rhodes will host a MEGA RAFFLE to kick off at 12 Noon Friday with DJ Gina Vogel!
- Party with DJ Dreams Lightcloud at Scrabble's!
- Special BRIMSTONE BAR events
- Thinkers discuss charity!
- Jinny and Fau raving about lack of sleep!
- Formal Closing Ball with DJ Dominik Bauer!
- Jinny Raffles Her Entire Stock plus some Unique items!

All monies raised will be donated to the DEC relief fund, a union of the major UK charities working in the affected area. Monies donated in L$ will be sold on the Gaming Open Market (or, preferably, sold privately to the best offer) and monies paid to the DEC.

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OOOOH!!!! I'm a veteran!

Thanks for the plug, Hamlet. I'd like to add:

If anyone wants to run an event during the 24 hours and donate the money to the fund, then just IM me before your event and put the words DEC FUNDRAISER on your event title.

I would VERY MUCH like to hear from anyone interested in buying the L$ raised, in case we raise so much we risk devaluing the L$ by selling it online :-).

If anyone is concerned about the security of funds donated, my name and address are in the public domain as the owner of the domain squinny.net, and I will post any reciepts recieved on my weblog.

Thanks again!

Posted by: Jinny the Squinny at Dec 30, 2004 12:27:18 PM

What is her e.mail I might be interested in purchasing some L$

Posted by: Bob Ayoob at Dec 30, 2004 1:26:08 PM

Hi Bob, I'm jinny[at]squinny.net. Or IM me if we ever get SL back :-)

Posted by: Jinny the Squinny at Dec 30, 2004 1:52:23 PM

I can't get in. I have no idea what's happening.


Posted by: Jinny the Squinny at Dec 31, 2004 2:03:59 PM

Philip Linden posted this in Forum Announcements a couple hours ago: "We are still having problems with heavy login load on Second Life, as of 2:30PM PST on 12/31. The grid is currently open, but logins are very slow... We're here at the office - doing all we can. Apologies for the problems."

Posted by: Hamlet Linden at Dec 31, 2004 5:06:57 PM

Just a quick update! at The Brimstone Bar we managed to raise a whopping $L132000 WOOT!

So a total of $L250000 was raised and is still flooding in!

Thanks everyone for your support :)

Posted by: Willlow Z at Jan 4, 2005 7:21:04 AM

Wow, that's right about $1000!

Posted by: Hamlet Linden at Jan 4, 2005 12:13:06 PM

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