Monday, October 25, 2004


Part Seven and the final segment in a series, featuring Selectees of New World Notes Fashion Expo 2004. (Context here, here, and here.)

Today we present the fashions Zaige Lumiere, an up-and-coming designer (defined as a resident of under six months.)

"I've always enjoyed fashion and design," Lumiere tells us, and he invests generous amounts of time in-world, to make his fashions.

"My best work took a few days," he says. He counts Ambyance2 Anubis, Munchflower Zaius, and Launa Fauna as his favorite in-world designers.

As for his own upcoming designs, he only smiles coyly.

"I'm always making more, spur-of-the-moment outfits."


- "Black Plastic" (Male)

- "Black Plastic" (Fem)

- "Glitter"

- "Pinstripes and Sheer"

- "Worn"

Zaige's fashions can be found at his gallery in the winter sim of Anton (72, 122), and also on the second floor of Naughty Jazzze, a boutique in Mauna (244, 128).

[Update, 10/26/04: made gender pronoun correction. Profuse apologies to Mr. Lumiere!]

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