Friday, October 15, 2004


The New World Notes Fashion Expo 2004 has ended, and after a fierce round of voting-- a very fierce round of voting, as it turned out-- the Selectees have been chosen. Over the next two weeks, I'll devote most of NWN's entries to covering their designs.

Perhaps inspired by this parade of high fashion, I've decided, after some 16 months, to finally retire my own suit. Misnomer Jones provided me with a fine white linen suit (June 3 entry), in honor of Tom Wolfe, but since then, clothing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. So I recently went seeking a new version of Wolfesque wear from stampshady Grimm, creator of gentlemen's apparel, and had him tailor me a new suit to my specs.

"Just so you know," Grimm tells me, as he models the prototype on his own avatar, "there's few things I want to touch up, but wanted your approval before I continued with it... you know people and communication online is a dificult thing sometimes, with no inflection in voice and lots being left to following poor typing-- many things get misunderstood or left out." Fortunately, after eyeing it on stampshady and haggling over adjustments, we're able to get the lay of the suit just right. So I exit with a new look-- and many thousand Linden Dollars lighter. (Grimm's designs don't come cheap, and ethics-wise, I'm not about to start demanding complimentary men's wear.)

Anyway, stay tuned next week for still more glimpses into the online world of haute couture.

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yes, it was time to retire the white suit. or at least dry clean it...

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